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  2. Chris Robson

    Hi, joining here after being on fb group for a few weeks. I bought my 1.3 frenchie about a month ago to get something cheap and reliable to replace my mondeo st tdci money pit. Since then back box broke off, manifold flange has rusted through and leaking, and alternator is now knackered. Reliable! Would like to say thank you to administration for their time maintaining this forum and the Facebook group!
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  4. Thanks pal, join the Yarisclub UK facebook group, I ocasionally have them for sale.
  5. On photobucket open the photo it will give you a direct link to the picture which ends on .jpg copy that go back to your post and click on Insert other media --> From URL
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  7. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    I still not got the knack how to post up individual pictures,I've ended up posting my whole album ,some are older previous pictures and some are new ones,please help!!
  8. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    http://s700.photobucket.com/user/granty5/media/IMG_20180205_102816.jpg.html?sort=3&o=8 This picture is how she stands now
  9. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

  10. Hi Yaris club people I have been away for a while ,but I'm still enjoying my T sport,I would just like to say hello and am enjoying seeing peoples projects on here,still good to see the love of Yaris cars. I also been doing a slow project on my Ph2 T Sport and I'm keeping her clean and running well so far there have been a few more done on her, including a custom cat back exhaust,new BMC panel filter,cleaned the weathered headlights,fog lights,and tidied up the cars interior with new mats,purple footwall lights,new wiper blades.generally the car is keeping well for her age.ill post up pics of the car soon.hoping for nicer weather to show her off.i am enjoying the noise from my new custom exhaust and I'm sure it's made her rev up more freely, Regards Grant.
  11. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    Hi fella I'm enjoying watching your project ,I see your got rear led lights ,I would like to have these too,could you let me know where to buy and how much to pay for a pair,cheers from Grant.
  12. Hi there nice car mate ,could you tell me where you bought your rear lights the crystal eyes,maybe a link to purchase these thanks ☺👍
  13. Lil update, received some goods from the UK Whiteline rear ARB and the Edd's special 4 point underbrace, the Whiteline needed some love and new mounting hardware as it was missing. All sanded down to bare and shiny metal time for paint! Mate hard at work on the new brackets Shiny... Towbar makes an excellent jacking point oh it's an original Toyota one too. Thanks for watching lads stay tuned for more!
  14. Little Yaris Turbo-Sport

    Quick update on this one! After another year, I've rebuild the engine again. Remembered what I previously wrote, "TBR engine is flawless". Well, wrong. It made a strange noise in the beginning, which I hoped it will go away, the engine being new. After 10k km, the noise became unbearable, I've opened the engine again. Completely. (it was using too much fuel anyway; don't run low compression pistons with stock ECU and no turbo if you don't wanna see mileage of 13+ l/100km !! ) One of the bearing of the third piston was twisted over the other, rendering the crankshaft damaged beyond repair, as the bearing made deep grooves in it. TBR engine, nice forged internals, crappiest auxiliary parts possible. How can you build such a nice engine, with so much expensive parts, and just use the cheapest bearings possible? Anyway, engine was rebuild using the parts from the old one, so: "new/TBR" block, "old" crankshaft, "old" rods, "old bearings", brand new ring set, together with brand new Prius pistons, with 13.0:1 compression. Another 5k km and one year later with the new setup, and the cars drives as it should, fuel economy is relative ok (around 10 l/100km), and the instant available power is awesome! Haven't got around to fit the Unichip yet, but time will come. I reckon, if as stock you have 105bhp with 10.5:1 compression, and the 9.0:1 compression felt like a 90bhp or even less, I feel that the 13.0:1 is like around 130bhp. It runs faster that the MkII TS 100% No pictures for the moment, the car is in a shitty state, but drives around, my brother uses it from time to time. It will remain N/A for the moment, and probably for the rest of it's life. Just to let you know, economically is more effective to just drop Prius pistons in, than to try and convert it to anything else. And the resulted power is enough for the little car, it sprints like a dream, and still keeps the high reliability and low maintenance.
  15. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    So this weekend didn’t go as well as I hoped, I managed to fix one oil leak from the oil cooler that I thought I fixed before. The oil return pipe is still leaking/weeping it hardly leaks anything but eventually builds enough oil to cause it to drop some over time. The AN fitting as been modified to create room behind, They’re 2 reasons why it could be leaking 1. It’s not sealed with the copper washer 2. It’s not done up tight enough to crush the copper washer. Tightening up the fitting isn’t that easy as it need to stay level (it’s a 90 degree bend) and can’t have it pointing up because it’ll disrupt flow. Holding the fitting and tightening it is difficult with limited space. When I get sometime this week hopefully I’ll bring home a pry bar and use that to leaver against the fitting. Forgot to take pictures of the return pipe 🙈but I did manage to get a picture of the 3 inch exhaust under the car. I did manage to fit areocatchs to the carbon bonnet that was pretty scary and time consuming. I had the bonnet machine polished by a friend of mine because the lacquer is awful. Before. Midway. After. Bonnet looks amazing and feels so smooth, We clay barred the whole bonnet then used 3/4 different mop heads and 2 different compounds. Then sealed it with a wax. First I marked out where I wanted the catches to sit. Then I measured the different lengths and widths to try and get it as square as possible then I drew round the template. Once I measured and drew on both sides I measured every way possible to make sure everything was simetrical and lever and even. Also had to make sure the crossing point centre was far enough out to meet the middle of the light support for the pin to fit. Got my old man out with his 6 meter level to help too just to double check. Once I was happy I drilled thought the centre line of the cross that was in the middle of the cut out shape to make a guide for the pin. Once the pin had a marker I started to cut the shape out with a dremel. Once most of the shape was cut I ground it back with a sanding bit for the dremel. Once the shape was cut I had to cut the inner skin to to allow the backing plate to fit behind. Test fit and everything clears I marked the 6 holes ready to drill and did the other side as well. Holes drilled and same for the other side I peeled the tape off ready to bolt up. All bolted up fine and had to cut the pins that go through the catches to length that took a little while to get that correct. The right side/passenger side needs a tiny bit of the rubber to make it flush with the wing but that’s a easy job.
  16. Toyota yaris t sport

    Nice looking wagon!
  17. Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone, Picked up a 2001 Yaris 1.0 (150K miles! I think it's a Japanese model) on eBay back in November as a cheap way to get around over the Christmas period. It's gone through it's MOT this week, has done 5000 miles in that period and is still going well but needs some bits and bobs sorting out, hence I've signed up here to trawl through the information. I've had my license for years but this is the only car I've owned since I was 19, and I really like how it's put together. I'll be around looking for information!
  18. Toyota yaris t sport

    Ello lads bought a T sport recently, has leather seats which is a pretty rare spec. Loving the car would like to see some more T sport for some inspiration or maybe what mods you'd recommend to do?
  19. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    Managed to get the civic radiator mounted and sitting correctly, It took a great deal of effort because anything you tend to do on this car causes a chain reaction and you’ve got to change/modify something else. I had to turn my throttle body 90 degrees so the throttle body wheel/the bit the cable runs through pointed up toward the bonnet, Instead of facing the radiator to create a tad more bit of space for the hoses. Gave me chance to picture the custom plate I had machined to suit the huge throttle body everything machined to match. I also has to swap round the blank and the map sensor vacuum pipes because the map sensor piping is wider than the black and was running the throttle body wheel. I even managed to grind a lot of metal out the front to give the intercooler a bit more room so I can sit it further back to stop it fouling the bumper. Its really rough currently but I’ll clean it up and re paint it to stop rust etc. Once I got the throttle body out the way I routed the hoses and drilled a extra hole for the mounting point on my rad, Once I was happy it was back out with the grinder and had to cut the radiator support/slam panel to suit. Again very rough but I’ll be cleaning that up this week/next week, Fitted the fan to the back of the rad also. While I had the whole front end off I managed to track down 2 of the 3 oil leaks I’ve got 2 being in the oil cooler. I stripped the cooler and lines down cleaned re fitted and on one line took the fitting off trimmed the pipe because the insert had slip causing the leak and re sealed. Fingers crossed that stays dry now. Now the slam panel was cut I found a after market mount for the civic radiator and genuine Honda bush to go with the alloy mount. I drilled that into the support and vent it to shape to suit my car and called that radiator mounted ! I had to fit a over flow tank to the radiator very similar to the standard Yaris rad, So I got myself a ebay special tank and mounted it and ran a hose to it. All plumbed and mounted up I filled it with Evans waterless coolant and fired her up to bleed the rad, Radiator bled and kept constant temperature everything got hot in the correct places. After all my efforts I tried to close the bonnet to find out the rad is sat too far forward and the square latch on the bonnet hit the radiator, Out came the angle grinder and off it came! I’ve got aero catches to fit very soon. Last thing I did was fit the harnesses 6 point Schroth Clubsport II. Obviously mounted on the harness bar ! These are new harnesses but I had exactly the same ones before and already had all the mounting points and spreader plates installed before hand. Ive still got a oil leak coming from my oil return most likely to be very similar problem to the oil cooler leak. I don’t have a vice at home so that doesn’t help.
  20. Currently for my car i have : tein lowering springs, recaro accord type r trendlines, trs clubman harness’s, custom backbox, jap plate sized rear insert, tanabe front strut brace, arb polybushes, 4 point underbrace, the goal is to have it on the track a few days a year aswell as being a fast road car and my daily, more to come soon
  21. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    Mapping didn’t go to plan apparently some of my ECU was incorrectly wired my dash display was wired backwards I’ve got an oil leak and my radiator wouldn’t flow any coolant. Managed to get the car started and running very slightly but obviously couldn’t be ran because of the coolant issues etc. So home it came and been scratching heads about the coolant situation, changed water pumps checked thermostats etc. Anyway after pissing about with it I swapped out the huge BMW radiator for the spare civic half rad that hardly fits in the engine bay, filled the car up with coolant and if by magic everything flows hot heater everything ! Now I’ve got to figure out a good way to mount and route pipes because everything I’ve done was just chucked on to see if it works. Filled up with Evans waterless coolant. After looking under the car I’ve discovered 3 oil leaks, 2 from different parts of the oil cooler and 1 from the oil return from the turbo they’re very very minor and just seeping. Radiator needs mounted oil leaks sorting back to the dyno in a few weeks hopefully!
  22. So I suppose now is as good a time as any to make a build thread, The car has a bit of history on here but i’ll get into that later. I bought it very early December 2017 and made some fairly quick progress 😂 So, the car (BN53SYX) was taken to TTE in Germany back in 2004 to get the supercharged kit fitted. Among other mods that came with it, it has a HKS Hi Silent back back box, tein coilovers, Cusco upper and lower braces and a c-one engine cover, it also had some sort of eye brows fitted- not a clue which brand Soon after buying it I gutted the cats as it was very strangled at high rpm and it also improved the exhaust note. Booked in next month for a 2 1/4 decayed centre section with one silencer which should perk it up a little more too and release a little bit more of the exhaust note. So! Onto the stupid part 😂 I bought some 15X8 ET0 Rota grids for it, knowing they would be hideously wide. Soon came Christmas Eve and well, I battled on and fitted them anyhow because what else is there to do on Christmas Eve? I was greeted by an inch and a half poke all around 😂 so being the brave individual I am I set to with the grinder, cut the arches on a car I’d had for two and a half weeks and fitted some rivet on over arches to make the wheels fit (kind of) Also, between Christmas and new year the car started running lumpy and stunk of fuel out the back, it got worse fairly quickly and then it wouldn’t idle below 2000rpm, I pulled the charger off and split it and found the gasket had blown out, I sacrificed a Kellogg’s box and went old school and fettled up a new gasket and since then it’s been working well! I’ve recently deleted the aircon which I must say weighed a fair amount one you sat it all in one place 🙄 Got a few new parts turning up in the next few weeks so will try and keep this updated the best I can 😂
  23. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    @Earpl cheers man ! Managed to get replacement headlights from Milo because I ruined the paint on the new ones I bought so cheers dude, I didn’t have time to sort them out. I managed to drill holes in the dash and mount my dash display and wire it up. I’ve got to clean it up and put some grommets in but it all works ready to be set up. Finally got round to making brackets and mounting my oil cooler and bolting it down too. Looks cramped at the front now but I think it looks meaner. I had to higher the car to get it on the back of the recovery truck and even then it wasn’t enough, Edds underbrace hit the bed of the truck so we had to use planks of wood. We finally got it in and we were set to take it to have an exhaust made ! So we dropped it down the following morning and the fabricator basically said no chance to using my V band mount I had already bolted into the turbo. This meant I had to have a flange made and go from there, He said about a week to have a stainless flange made (gutted because I was hoping to take the car straight to the mappers) anyway I had no choice let them get in with it. I wanted 3 inch exhaust off the turbo but I was asking a lot from the really tight space behind the turbo bulk head and everything else. We agreed to have 2.5inch off the turbo to 3 inch to a mid box then to a back box. I get a phone call to say my car will be done about a week later, they made the turbo elbow with a collector to a 2.5 inch pipe to 3 inch pipe and the rest as they said. I asked to have a 3 inch tail pipe just out of the pipe they used for the exhaust to keep it neat and tidy. Pretty happy with the work that was done looks fairly tidy and they fitted my wide band sensor in too (infinity exhaust Bristol). So today I’ve dropped the car off at GB enterprises and he’s going to get the car started and a base map etc so I can run the engine in, workshop was full of evos and Subaru’s mainly and a 2500bhp dyno cell ! So next week I’ll be waiting nervously for a phone call to see how it’s gone !! Fingers crossed !
  24. Hi just wanted to get some info on how to install a bee r rev limiter to a ncp10 echo/Yaris has a 2nzfe in it. Just wanted ro know what wires in the ecu you have to use to get it to work if anybody has done one and has the wiring diagram for it would be awesome
  25. ECU Pinout

    Hi rob323 I’m trying to install a bee r rev limiter to my ncp10 with a 2nzfe in and would be much appreciated if you could email me the ecu pin outs
  26. Hello I am from Poland and i have to buy tail fogs for yaris ts 05-09. In poland they are not avaible. Someone can know where I can buy them (rear+left)?
  27. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    That sir, is a quality, quality build and I take my hat off to you. A breath of fresh air from the dross that’s being labelled as “project” these days.
  28. engine code

    Hi could iget some advise please i have had the check engine light on my car on for over a month now and finally i got it put on the diagnostic thing. I am getting error code po135 o2 sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 1. Whcih sensor is this the one under the car or the one after the cat converter. Also is it a job i could do my self by jacking up the car.
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