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  2. Yaris MMT clutch slipping

    I have a 2005 Yaris petrol with the MMT box.It has started to show a slight slipping between gears, especially 3rd and 4th. In other words, when it changes the engine over revs a little before it changes. This is recent. Is this a known problem fixable by an adjustment I can make by chance? It has done 45K miles
  3. Exhaust rattle

    Hi fellow Yaris owners i own a Yaris 2003 reg recently in the last week i started to hear a loud rattling noise when starting engine and while in low revs. It is very annoying and turns peoples heads. I noticed it was coming from the back so i looked and the heatshield thing above the back exhaust is loose and moving around. I guess i found the issue the question is do i remove the heatshield or do i have this thing repaired. Dont really want to spend any more money on this old car anymore. Thanks for reading.
  4. 1nz-fe

    Hello Community,1: Can someone please share what is the weight of stock 1nz-fe cvt flywheel?2: Can it be replaced by an aftermarket light weight one?3: Which one? Any recommendations?4: How much performance gain would be expected?
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  6. P0423 CAT inefficiency

    Hey All So a little bit of context, I have a Yaris 1.3 2006 with 150K miles and I am getting a P0423 Over the last 6 months I’ve had the CEL light and thought rather than change the CAT, replace both o2 sensors as a process of elimination. Interestingly, when changing the rear sensor it seemed to have temporarily fixed the issue for a month or so but it came back again. So now I’m thinking it’s the CAT. However, there are two in the exhaust system. One on the header and on just before the centre box. So the question is, is it the manifold with the built in CAT or is it the downstream CAT? Or possibly both. Please reply with any experiences or solutions. Thanks
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