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  2. when running the car up to temp I'm finding the radiator fan does not cut in and out even when the cars been sat running for a long time. Also when I turn on A/C am I correct in thinking the radiator fan should kick in instantly and stay on while the a/c is on ? Because its not running then either. The fan turns freely, I have changed the white box relay/ resistor shown in photo below to no avail, I * think* I have been over all fuses related to the rad fan and a/c but if Someone can tell me which number fuses and relays I should check in case I have missed any that'd be helpful. Failing that other than using a voltage tester on the loom connecting to the fan to see if there's a current and find out if the fan is bad I'm not sure what else it can be. The coolant temp sensor appears to be working, as the "cold" symbol light goes out after a few minutes. Its a 1.0 1krfe engine 06' Thanks in advance
  3. New owner of Mk2 yaris T3

    Hi all, new here, this is my new yaris , probably going to need odd help with things to improve the car, it has a few niggles! Thanks - Teresa
  4. New owner of Mk2 yaris T3

    Hi all, new here, this is my new yaris , probably going to need odd help with things to improve the car, it has a few niggles!
  5. Yaris for offroad

    Sorry I don’t no why is the video isn’t working.
  6. Yaris for offroad

    Hello I’m new this nice club I will be useful, today i will show you my little monster . 7E56FCEA-F274-44DB-A4E2-35918121DC11.mov 1E50BB0D-9A66-422F-A548-71B83DDFA46A.MOV
  7. Is it me....

    They are dead everything happens on FB these days.
  8. New here, t sport from Holland

    I'm not that active on fb, but I will have a look.
  9. Is it me....

    ... Or are these forums nearly dead? Jan
  10. New here, t sport from Holland

    Welcome from another Dutchie If you have Facebook Join the Yaris club uk group as this forum is pretty much dead these days.
  11. New here, t sport from Holland

    Hello from the netherlands. My name is Jan, I'm from the netherlands and I own a 2005 t sport since june of 2018. Mods so far: Hypersport shortshifter, Black badges all around, Carbon fiber exhaust tip Carbon fiber eyebrows Strutbraces front and rear Refurbished t sport wheels for winter. Planned mods: Eibach springs Corolla t sport wheels.
  12. ATF Change Help Please........

    Any quality brand will do, these are old numbers which no longer exist but have been replaced by new. Odd they didn't told you which one to get but that's typical for a dealer.
  13. So whilst exiting a junction, (my car was just about to stall) i had the mil pop on. The code is as above, done 50k and i haven't had time to service it as only just acquired the car in the last 4 months. After a reset i went for a little drive up the road without any other problems. So i'm thinking it could just have been a glitch in the matrix, a sensor, or the chain may have stretched. Am i right in thinking it will be ok to leave? I don't think it had skipped a tooth as it would still be out now?? Regards
  14. ATF Change Help Please........

    Hi everyone, I would be grateful for some advice please with my 2002 Yaris 1.3 Auto 67k (UK made not French). I want to change the automatic transmission fluid.....according to the owners manual it requires Toyotas own T-IV (JWS3309 / NWS6500). I called two Toyota dealers who don't have this in stock and I can't find any on ebay. The transmission is working perfectly and the colour of the ATF is fine (not bright pink as I'm used to but a clear brown the same as the power steering fluid) I think this is the colour the fluid is even when new. I just want to change it for piece of mind. So I have two questions 1) is there an alternative to Toyota T-IV that you would trust and is safe to use (I've found Mobil 3309 on ebay) 2) does my car have an ATF filter Thank you very much
  15. Chopstick Racing saying Hi

    Afternoon I'm buying this Mk1 1300 SR Frenchy in the new year, to replace my class winning Suzuki Swift Sport that i use for the Javelin Sprint Series. Looking forward to it! Anyone else on here use theirs in anger?
  16. Toyota Sprint Series/Japanese Sprint Series

    I currently compete in the Javelin Sprint Series in my Suzuki Swift Sport, and i only did selected rounds this season due to needing an operation on my arm, but i managed to get two class wins! In 2019, i am doing all 8 rounds, and now i have the Aygo, the plan is to do selected rounds in it, in the Japanese Sprint Series, which incorporates the Toyota Sprint Series. But that plan may not even come to fruition as I’m buying a Mk1 Yaris 1300 SR that’s a well-known class winning car in the series too! Ill still do all 8 rounds of the Javelin Series in the Swift. Both series are run by Javelin, who run a lot of track days every year so they know what they are doing. Its great fun, and you can use a standard car up to a out and out track car, there is a class that suits whatever you choose. Let’s try and get some new faces out there and support this great series! Find the Links here folks, it would be great to see you there! Any questions, just ask away http://www.javelinsprintdays.co.uk/sprint/ http://www.japanesesprintseries.com/jsprint1/ http://www.toyotasprint.com/tss16/index.php Thanks
  17. Yaris Icon 2014

    My Yaris Icon is now four years old and I think it's time to replace the windscreen wiper blades? Is it best to buy just the rubbers, if you can, or should I buy the whole assembly. To conclude, is there a recommended period of time the wipers should be change anyway please? Cheers, RonB
  18. flat

  19. bought yaris 1.3 vvti spirit

    Ive google the mph and kmh difference and it looks close to your reading outage. Looks like you have nocked the button bear digital speedo
  20. bought yaris 1.3 vvti spirit

    Have you got it set on kmh?
  21. Toyota yaris t sport

    Beautiful car mate👍 would love to own one of these! I have the sr model. Only a 1.3 but still nippy . Got it for £300, hasnt broke down in the year ive owned it but has a few problems, but i expect that at 147,000 miles lol
  22. Hi everyone. I have just signed up, i have owned my yaris sr phase 1 for a year now. Its approaching 147,000 miles. It has started to burn a little oil but not a worrying amount yet. The car has just developed a spluttery exhaust sound when in high revs in low gears. On the motorway it is fine. Really has lost its acceleration when town driving. I have had exhaust checked for leaks and none found, but the wife did bottom the car out very hard just before this started happening. I am thinking either damage has been done to the cat. Or exhaust manifold? I dont know much about cars atall! Here a little pic of the yaris👍
  23. Small update, swapped the ashtray out for the JDM cointray. Car is still running great.
  24. Facebook groups The 1.5 funcargo's only came in AT, the Euro Verso did came in manual.
  25. Radio Stations

    got 2010 Yaris, only FM radio stations work, AM just crackle, tried different aerial but no better, any clues?
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