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  2. Radio Stations

    got 2010 Yaris, only FM radio stations work, AM just crackle, tried different aerial but no better, any clues?
  3. Yaris TR VVT-I 1.3 2010

    Hello newbie from Portsmouth here. I’m going to look at the above tomorrow morning as a car for my mum. I’m totally new to Toyotas and have no idea what to look for common faults etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Also are these belt or chain driven? Many thanks Karl 👍
  4. Was the Verso ever available as a 1.5 RHD manual?

    Wow, I didn't notice, this forum is dead. Where does the Yaris crowd hang out now?
  5. The Funcargo 1.5's I've spotted on Jap dealer sites, seem only to come with CVT. If I can't import in that spec, I'm wondering how easy it might be to transplant a T-Sport engine and g/box into a Verso.
  6. If the T sport bumpers and skirt's fit where would be the best place to get them ?
  7. Petrol smell

    Can anyone Help I have an old Yaris (2000)been for Mot Had a FULL exhaust system fitted including CAT . She has a Fault Code (running Lean bank 1) I disconnected lambda got no code when I first start even when she's warm we are getting a very bad smell of petrol not very good for missus whos asthmatic Now she's dolling lumpy. !!!( car not missus ) PLEASE HELP
  8. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    I spent 2ish months driving the car around bath and forth to work and where ever I could to get miles on the engine running it in. Had a few teething problems as you could imagine but nothing major, changing the oil and filter every 250 miles using Millers running in oil as the engine builder suggested. View from under the car checking for leaks. Car got MOT’d and insured and taxed during my lunch break at work and it was furthest it’s ever driven so it was pretty scary! Waiting for it’s turn to be tested ! When the tester drove it in almost the whole work shop stopped to have a look even some of their customers popped over from the waiting room 🙈 About a hour later she passed, I taxed it and it was time to start the 1000 mile run in. Running the engine in is dead annoying, no motorways no going past 4K revs can only run the car for a hour and no holding the car at a constant rev range. Inbetween running the car in I went to the Brecon Beacons in a friends Ranault Megane sport 225 he let me borrow. A car I help build on the side of doing mine, we prepped it for track days. We dropped a size in wheel but with a more aggressive offset and a wider wheel with R888 tyres £700+ for 4 tyres 😩 brand new brembo calipers new brembo disc carbon lauren pads brakes lines, BC coilovers cobra suzuka bucket seats 6 point harness and a half cage and a OMP steering wheel. Brilliant car for blasting the welsh mountain side. Back to reality and back to dailying the Yaris. I finally made 1000 miles but I had a few things to sort before it could go back for mapping. I changed the oil for Miller nano race oil new filter etc I also had to source some bigger injectors and fit a fuel pump and sort a dump valve. Edd kindly gave me a set of corolla compressor injectors 440cc I paid postage and received them a few days later brilliant ! That’s one thing down. I already had a walbro 255 fuel pump ready to fit just a dump valve left to get. One of the mappers employees was breaking his 450bhp Subaru so he sold me his Tial Type Q dump valve that was 6 months old. It’s a V band clamp so alloy welding was involved. So that rendered the car undrivable until the car was mapped because of the boost solinoid etc. Few days before mapping I check my injectors the parcel was open and I only had 3 injectors ! Gutted to eBay I went to discover a breakers wanted £400 for a second handset ! No thanks. I phoned Grant (the mapper) and explain what’s happened he said to leave him with him. Next was the fuel pump, what a ballache had to modify the holder and get some more wiring done. Rushing to see my auto electrician to save my life the day before I take it for mapping he managed to sort my plugs and wiring for the pump ! Ive ran out of pictures for the moment because I wasn’t able to actually get any while the car was away. Long story short Grant ordered me some injectors based on the corolla ones and they didn’t fit unfortunately. Then he tried some Evo injectors and they fitted the head and rail but were too wide and short so when the rail was bolted down you couldn’t fit the plugs. I eventually had to have some custom made injectors by a company called “ASNU” 600cc basically the Yaris has odd size injector ports for the rail and head its abit unusual. Once they were fitted it was time for low loading mapping and VVTI set up. We spent the whole of Saturday at GBE while it was being mapped he started off with all the boring stuff drivability and the stuff I mentioned above. The Dyno is a 2500 horse power super flow dyno in a cell that I believe is at ambient temperature room with fans that recreate wind speeds for the MPH that the car is rolling at. It’s very accurate and the cost is eye watering 😂 I checked the coolant and oil before we started the Dyno session and everything seemed good. Grant continued to run the car and we got into the power runs and it was pretty nerve racking watching from the big screen outside ( with all the revs boost pressure etc ) and obviously the power grapth. The car did a good few power runs and behaved itself we managed to get high and low boost figures. Spent a while on the Dyno but it felt a lot longer for me 😂 Car currently doesn’t have a fuel gauge but it has a trip and it did 55 miles on the dyno and used just over about £25 in V power on the dyno. Grant invited me on his stand at Forge action day at castle Combe and I couldn’t refuse the opportunity! Didn’t get any pictures and one is from OCD.co.ukwhoever they are so thanks to them ! Its not very show ready as it doesn’t really have much paint on it but the shiny bits in the engine made up for that. The Escort that it was parked next to it was an immaculate shell with a YB cosworth engine it drew a lot of attention and rightly so. Up to now I’ve managed 1700 miles and loving it ! Haven’t got any pictures but I moved the oil cooler because on the dyno it was heat soaking the intercooler and the radiator so I’ve moved that to the right hand side fog light. I’ve raised the bonnet to help with air flow through the engine bay as Grant said intake temps aren’t idea. I’m planning on making different feeds for cold air and trying to get hold of a D4D intercooler air duct to channel cold air into the engine bay as well as sorting some custom ducting. Once I’ve got that sorted I’ll probably take it back to have the map tweaked and maybe some changes.
  9. This was shot by a friend and youTube vlogger, i've done some filming for him in the past and he thought it would be funny to do a tongue in cheek video of my car to raise some awareness for the fundraising I do with Teddy Bear Run.
  10. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Hi mate I see your selling your car on gumtree ,it’s a good price and should go like a hot cake ,best wishes to you in your future hope you get another nice car 😊👍🏼
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  12. Hi all, I have a problem with my 5 door Yaris GS 1.0 - Central locking. So for some time the front passenger side door stopped locking/unlocking on the fob, then recently the front drivers side has also stopped. I purchased replacement solenoids off ebay for both front doors. Fitted today. After some diagnosis, the problem I have is this... All doors/boot will lock but none of them will unlock... just indicator flash. However, if i unplug the passenger side solenoid, the remaining doors and boot lock and unlock fine. I have tried both sides separately, and the problem only occurs when the passenger side is plugged in, I now even get the problem when I plug the old one back in the passenger side, which I never had issues before (boot and rear doors always unlocked). I have had to leave the passenger side completely unplugged for now. Any ideas? Many thanks Mark
  13. So hot here in Essex at the moment I hope the paint don't melt 😨
  14. Spoilers been fixed/painted,and bumpers been refreshed.well happy with their work done.
  15. Rear wiper arm removal on Ph2 T Sport Yaris

    Lifted up cover get a junior hacksaw and sawing in at an angle(roughly 10 past 8)missing the spline slightly and yanking it off ,installed Japanese Vitz rear wiper job done ,much quicker than spending all day yanking it off ,no pun intended
  16. Body shop man showed me if spoiler looks okay as he said it’s more curved than my cars bootlid and won’t be perfect as not perhaps made for my car,please fellas does it look okay comments please thanks from Grant
  17. Alex Track TSport

    Nice car fella I like my led rear lights too look much nicer than standard,also do like your green alloys too.
  18. Alex Track TSport

    LED lights are finally in! And, since getting the car back on the road I was annoyed by my seating position. I'm sitting in a Sabelt GT140 (FIA) bucket seat mounted on a OMP (FIA) frame via LTEC (FIA) sidemounts. However, the sidemounts couldn't be bolted directly to the frame because the seat it quite wide (so is my big beautiful behind). So, from steel I fabricated some adapters between the sidemounts and the frame. That fitted perfectly, besides the seat being positioned too far to the centre of the car. It was about five centimetres off-centre from the horn button in the steering wheel. Very annoying and it made me sit weird in the seat so I never sat quite comfortable. So, I unbolted the seat and removed the sidemounts and adapters and frame from the car. I originally planned to drill new holes in the frame to move the adapters a bit, but it turned out I could just swap them around. So, everything bolted together and in the car (I *hate* long fine-threaded bolts in tight spaces!!!!) and now I sit perfectly.
  19. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    Led light looking great and new import plate on front
  20. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    Next update soon back bumper resprayed as worn paint and mk2 Spoiler stuck on. Would like a front splitter too anyone got one pm me cheers.
  21. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    side view of Black Betty 😄
  22. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    Sorry about waste of spaces and my double posts computers are not my forte as you can see.
  23. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    New radio installation with steering wheel controls thanks to Lani tutorial on here.
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