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  2. Hi, Just got a low mileage Yaris

    Report post Hi, I am not exactly a newbe but a returner to this forum as this is my second Mk1 Yaris, my first was a 1.0 manual which I had for about 2 years and I sold some years ago but proved to be a reliable car which I used as a run about as I also had a Porsche and a Jag XK at the time and found the Yaris very useful sometimes having 4 seats and park it anywhere I would not want to leave my more up market cars for any length of time. I now am a new owner of another Yaris Mk1 which will be my daughters car (Hayley) when she passes her driving test and is gaining experience behind the wheel of with L plates and me in the passenger seat but is of cause very limited at the moment due to the lock down. Anyway, about this Yaris which I took delivery on Good Friday, it is a 2002 1.3 automatic car in gold and it is not perfect but well above average condition for a 18 year old car. It has had 1 lady owner from new and looking at the MOT's it covered 50,000 miles in the first 3 years then 16,000 miles in the following 15 years, so the mileage now reads 66,000 miles and had a service every year. The car starts, drives and stops just as if it was new so very pleased with my purchase. The jobs done so far with the help of Hayley are giving it a good clean inside and out and de-cloud the front headlight lenses with the aid of wet and dry sanding sheets and a fine cutting paste to make them look good again. I am a little concerned about the key which I only have 1 and is taped up as it's damaged but have ordered a new one and hope to change over the inner parts from the old one. The photo was taken on the day I got the car and sorry my white car is a bit in the way a bit. That's all for now Reggie
  3. So here is my 2001 Toyota Yaris, this is my second one in just over 3 years, I've owned this since October 2019 and I had my previous T Sport from March 2017 to November 2019. Current photos: I bought this car with a few good mods on it, Tanabe Catback, Whiteline rear ARB, Polybushed drop links, Recaro Trendlines from a CH1 Accord, OMP Racing GP Wheel, OMP Front Strut Brace, K&N Typhoon induction kit, Tein S Tech lowering springs and Enkei Racing S replica wheels and a few other little bits. I have since added to this list quite a bit and changed a few things. Here is the full spec list of the car: ●Accord Type R CH1 Recaro Trendlines ●OMP Racing GP 330mm steering wheel ●OMP Boss Kit ●OMP Front Strut Brace finished in Ibiza Pearl blue ●Whiteline rear anti-roll bar ●Tein S Tech 35/38 springs ●Custom 4 point underbrace ●Cusco brake master cylinder stopper (not arrived yet) ●Hypersport polybush drop links and arb bushes ●Hypersport HS-0001 short shifter ●Vitz RS Optional Extra LED Taillights ●Vitz RS Front lip ●Vitz RS Dual clear bumper lenses ●Vitz RS Front badging ●Vitz RS Scuff plates (not arrived yet) ●Vitz RS Sunvisors (not arrived yet) ●Tanabe Medalion catback exhaust & decat ●K&N Typhoon induction kit ●Fog light cold air feed ●Genuine Enkei RP01 15x7 ●Sunstrip ●Team Heko wind deflectors ●Glanza/vertical rear wiper mod ●Debadged rear ●Tinted rear windows 5% ●Tinted side indicators ●Yellow brake calipers ●OEM Aerial shortened ●E12 Corolla Variable Intermittent wiper stalk ●Sony DSX-A410BT single din ●Pioneer TS Dash Speakers ●Soundproofed ●Password JDM Engine Bay dress up ●Epman Racing Oil Filler cap ●Black aluminium battery clamp ●LED Interior dome light and heater lights ●LED Reverse, rear fog and reg plate lights Here are some older photos from before I owned it: And here are some photos during my ownership from October ascending to February:  After the last two photos all that changed was the wheels. I was supposed to be going on my first track day this week (April 3rd 2020) however due to corona virus they've shut the track down temporarily. I still have plans to do a track day in the future when all this is over. My additional plans for the car doesn't consist of anything big at the moment as I don't have the funds: ●Ph2 interior swap ●Coilovers or dampers ●Torque damper ●Better tryes as these Rainsport 5s I've just put on are horrendous ●USDM Sidelights ●Lightweight crank pulley (& maybe flywheel) ●Weicher wishbone brace ●Refurb headlights ●Remove rear seats ●Refurb wheels ●Front camber bolts ●And a few other little bits If this post never gets updated, follow my Instagram where I always post photos of it @aye.adxm I doubt anyone's gonna read this anyway, but I just thought I'd post it for documentation to read back on in the future.
  4. The Hall of Fame Thread

    Never seen you running about before Adamadz! Used to hang around the Carlisle area
  5. Been awhile.... Got some new bits from Japan Managed to source a Vitz Rs rear lip from Japan which currently is in to get painted. Got super lucky on auction and got this Tommy Kaira special edition Recaro SR, just the one though. Thought i'd never ever in my life would find another one since they are so incredibly rare, well I found another one which was brand new! That's it for now, thanks for reading
  6. Hello, has enyone fitted mudflaps on his Yaris 2014 and up?? some pics please
  7. YCUK 2019

    I thought I was going mad when I searched high and low for my old posts. Glad to see it’s back.
  8. Jack's TTE supercharged yaris

    Looks good man, I see alot of SC owners have issues witht hings breaking here and there...touch wood, 4 years mine is still good!!
  9. Yellow mellow

    really nice car the mk3. Looking fresh in that colour too.
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