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  1. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    I still not got the knack how to post up individual pictures,I've ended up posting my whole album ,some are older previous pictures and some are new ones,please help!!
  2. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    http://s700.photobucket.com/user/granty5/media/IMG_20180205_102816.jpg.html?sort=3&o=8 This picture is how she stands now
  3. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

  4. Hi Yaris club people I have been away for a while ,but I'm still enjoying my T sport,I would just like to say hello and am enjoying seeing peoples projects on here,still good to see the love of Yaris cars. I also been doing a slow project on my Ph2 T Sport and I'm keeping her clean and running well so far there have been a few more done on her, including a custom cat back exhaust,new BMC panel filter,cleaned the weathered headlights,fog lights,and tidied up the cars interior with new mats,purple footwall lights,new wiper blades.generally the car is keeping well for her age.ill post up pics of the car soon.hoping for nicer weather to show her off.i am enjoying the noise from my new custom exhaust and I'm sure it's made her rev up more freely, Regards Grant.
  5. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    Hi fella I'm enjoying watching your project ,I see your got rear led lights ,I would like to have these too,could you let me know where to buy and how much to pay for a pair,cheers from Grant.
  6. Hi there nice car mate ,could you tell me where you bought your rear lights the crystal eyes,maybe a link to purchase these thanks ☺👍