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  1. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Hi mate I see your selling your car on gumtree ,it’s a good price and should go like a hot cake ,best wishes to you in your future hope you get another nice car πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ
  2. So hot here in Essex at the moment I hope the paint don't melt 😨
  3. Body shop man showed me if spoiler looks okay as he said it’s more curved than my cars bootlid and won’t be perfect as not perhaps made for my car,please fellas does it look okay comments please thanks from Grant
  4. Spoilers been fixed/painted,and bumpers been refreshed.well happy with their work done.
  5. Rear wiper arm removal on Ph2 T Sport Yaris

    Lifted up cover get a junior hacksaw and sawing in at an angle(roughly 10 past 8)missing the spline slightly and yanking it off ,installed Japanese Vitz rear wiper job done ,much quicker than spending all day yanking it off ,no pun intended
  6. Hi has anyone got experience on doing this,as I want to replace the rear wiper arm. A guide will come in handy cheers.
  7. Alex Track TSport

    Nice car fella I like my led rear lights too look much nicer than standard,also do like your green alloys too.
  8. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    Led light looking great and new import plate on front
  9. Hi Yaris club people I have been away for a while ,but I'm still enjoying my T sport,I would just like to say hello and am enjoying seeing peoples projects on here,still good to see the love of Yaris cars. I also been doing a slow project on my Ph2 T Sport and I'm keeping her clean and running well so far there have been a few more done on her, including a custom cat back exhaust,new BMC panel filter,cleaned the weathered headlights,fog lights,and tidied up the cars interior with new mats,purple footwall lights,new wiper blades.generally the car is keeping well for her age.ill post up pics of the car soon.hoping for nicer weather to show her off.i am enjoying the noise from my new custom exhaust and I'm sure it's made her rev up more freely, Regards Grant.
  10. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    Next update soon back bumper resprayed as worn paint and mk2 Spoiler stuck on. Would like a front splitter too anyone got one pm me cheers.
  11. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    side view of Black Betty πŸ˜„
  12. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    Sorry about waste of spaces and my double posts computers are not my forte as you can see.
  13. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    New radio installation with steering wheel controls thanks to Lani tutorial on here.
  14. Black ph2 T sport rides again,pics soon.

    took some nice photos today on a ride in lovely weather ,took a rear shot of new led tail lights,need the night to show them working though 😎😊 New led bulbs for Speedo ,blue LCD display without lights on ,and green LCD and dials with lights onthe blue led is fine and shows up well this image is blurred because of camera shake. next update coming soon.aftermarket stereo with steering wheel control.
  15. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    Your very brave guy tackling this build,good to see the turboyaris is coming along fine,btw is there a part number for that trip CPU delete cubby hole ,would like one of those myself as I don't use mine either,and I now have led taillights super rare got them off a yarisclub owner sold on eBay ,well pleased 😁 keep up your good work buddy
  16. Always good to see other vitz,ters ,cool πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  17. Good to hear your ac was fixed pal ,look forward to seeing what your going to do next to your go kart(fun Yaris). I'm putting in tailored seat covers in mine next ,look nice ones black leather on the bolsters with suede in the middle,hope they fit in well lol
  18. Lou's t sport

    Nice I got one too from a civic type r I like the suede look
  19. I bet your enjoying your new turbo set up mate πŸ‘
  20. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Is that from Japanese auction,I want the same as yours and decs,also Lani I'll pm you my address in the UK and when they come up again I'll send you the funds then you could post them to my address,I'll pay postage costs no problems,just pm me buddy β˜ΊπŸ‘
  21. Looks tidy Lani ,are you using spacers on rear wheels,is ac your air conditioning need fixing?
  22. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Really nice Yaris m8 ,im finding it hard to source those led lights if you come across any give me a shout bro πŸ‘