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  1. Do You Change Your Boots ?

    Toyota recommends renewing the slide pin rubber boots when you service the front brakes & I just wondered if you think it's necessary or do you just reuse yours when changing pads etc. many thanks for any replies in advance. 2009 Yaris MK 2.5 Facelift Model.
  2. Hi, I want to change my brake pads & front discs on my 2009 Yaris which is the facelift model but as there is not a workshop manual published for it I decided to go to Toyota tech.eu but I cannot find any information relating to the braking system or any other mechanical repair info, All the repair manuals seem to relate to things like windscreen or body repair and suchlike. Am I looking in right place ?. I have a workshop manual relating to the 2007 mk2 Yaris and does anybody know if it uses same braking system?. I would like to know the torque settings and the like. I would be very grateful for any information on the above and would like to thank anybody in advanceb. Dave.