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  1. 420's Beat Up Baby Type R

    Fully serviced both of them, the ph2 is on around 65k and the daily on 35k so both low miles. The ph2 will soon be put into hibernation but here's a list of what's been done so far (that I can remember): - 40mm lowering springs - wheels painted gold - rear wiper mod - tegiwa brake stopper - cat back custom exhaust (came with car) - polybushed rear axle - LED rear lights I have a few things to do before it goes away for winter which are: - coilovers to fit next week - rear LED tail lights to seal with silicone - ph1 front end conversion, bumper is ready for paint but will wait until I have the front lip before it goes to the spray booth. - restore ph1 headlights plan is to get it looking nice so may add wheels to my buy list but wedding and honeymoon next year so will be just looking at making it look presentable for show season, 2019 hopefully on the track but will wait and see. Only real concern is some nasty lacquer peel and the brakes, they're awful compared to the ph1. Must be cheap aftermarket parts but noticeably worse than those on the ph1 and not ridiculously worn but certainly warped, handbrake is also terrible. Will post some pics of the coilovers going on next week. Here are some more pics.
  2. 420's Beat Up Baby Type R

    Great that the forum is back up and running 👍. Update on this, the thunder grey ph1 was sold regrettably and that was that but after failing to find a worthy replacement I now have a ph2 and a daily ph1.
  3. Great car, will be following this and be good to see it develop!
  4. Ok so this really was never meant to be a project, bought a 1.3 sr as a run around. Loved it despite it being extremely dodgy (sure it had a bent chassis) then upgraded to a t-sport cus I could afford to insure it! (Not easy with a previous ban). Then became wholly unsatisfied with it after seeing a few others namely matt dodds mint condition red p2, garmstrongs loud soon to be monster p1 and swinhoes blue p1 flame spitter. So coilovers have gone on not properly by sounds of things but think I have found the source of my knocking an it appears to be down to my installation as opposed to the parts so will be sorting that out soon. Also put a front and rear strut brace on and heko wind deflectors (thanks garmstrong) Here it is in it's current state: Next I have these to fit: Along with some mtec dimpled and grooved discs. Will be looking to change brake fluid and paint callipers when I have the brakes stripped down. New spark plugs, oil and filter change to come in next month or so but still torn between a performance panel filter or full blown induction kit. That's it for winter unless someone wants to sell me a rear arb? Also despite the fact the the drop link bushes aren't knocking yet, they look like a Big Mac which Gemma Collins has sat on, very sorry state so will be going for some nice new poly bushes though not sure what they will be like to fit? Moving house, starting new job and planning a wedding (or paying for a wedding should I say) means this car will be left until summer. Engine is good (this is my daily), gearbox is a little stiff when cold (maybe change the gearbox oil with service). Body work is pretty bad. Pictures to follow and tips on bodywork would be great as I'm not clues up at all when it comes to that. Hopefully this car will be decent in a year or so and I'm open to ideas of where to take it until my tt99 vanishes from my license an I can get an ep3 :)