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  1. Mk 3 yaris airbag ecu

    Could someone please tell me where the airbag ecu is located in a mk3 yaris 1.33? thanks
  2. srs light on

    Hi Group, I have a 2015 yaris! Today the srs liht came onand staid on, after a little research and looking on youtube I tried suggested check connector under seats, I tried passenger side first ! just wiggled the connector and wires and tried ignition and light went out! light has come back on again since so I tried disconnect battery and then disconect and reconect under passenger seat. the light was still on but later I moved the seat and the light went out again! next time I started car light back on again! I have been told to try some electrical cleaner in the connections! not tried it yet! any advice greatly appreceated plus how to take seat out or at least how to remove the torx bolts(which size female torx required) thanks in advance!