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  1. Is it me....

    They are dead everything happens on FB these days.
  2. New here, t sport from Holland

    Welcome from another Dutchie If you have Facebook Join the Yaris club uk group as this forum is pretty much dead these days.
  3. ATF Change Help Please........

    Any quality brand will do, these are old numbers which no longer exist but have been replaced by new. Odd they didn't told you which one to get but that's typical for a dealer.
  4. Small update, swapped the ashtray out for the JDM cointray. Car is still running great.
  5. Facebook groups The 1.5 funcargo's only came in AT, the Euro Verso did came in manual.
  6. It's a mocal 10 row cooler and I opted for AN fittings, the plate is also a Mocal one with thermostat. I basically pieced it together myself with Mocal parts apart from the hoses and fittings as it's waay cheaper than buying the complete kit.
  7. Alex Track TSport

    That's exactly what I have on my thread you can see some pictures off my mounting.
  8. Alex Track TSport

    Looks good! Which oil cooler you getting?
  9. May 6th 2018, Japfest Silverstone YCUK stand. Bit off a last moment decision honestly, since the turbo was done and the car was running fine I decided to book the ferry and visit everyone at Japfest! Me and my mate installed the Vitz Rs lip late at night just in time for the big trip, cheeky picture from the night before Japfest. A wild limited edition Yaris GRMN appeared! Mr. Greenwood's charged beast, love the carbon bits! Finally seen a genuine Vitz for the first time turbo squad Thank you for watching, had a great weekend in UK. Again thank you to everyone that popped over for a chat and all the compliments on the car.
  10. Oh yes mate just got the car back from the AC repairs she's all good now.
  11. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    Oh noo great build why must something like this happen. Keep your head up mate! she will be amazing once done.
  12. Lou's t sport

    Cheers buddy!
  13. Threw the good ol' Blitz Sus LM filter on to release the choo choo noises. Very happy how she stands at this moment, engine bay could use some tidying up and a lick of paint here and there.
  14. No spacers mate, The complete AC-system is fucked had it recharged last year but it's leaking everywhere the pump is dead and the condenser has a few holes.