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  1. Thanks pal, join the Yarisclub UK facebook group, I ocasionally have them for sale.
  2. On photobucket open the photo it will give you a direct link to the picture which ends on .jpg copy that go back to your post and click on Insert other media --> From URL
  3. Lil update, received some goods from the UK Whiteline rear ARB and the Edd's special 4 point underbrace, the Whiteline needed some love and new mounting hardware as it was missing. All sanded down to bare and shiny metal time for paint! Mate hard at work on the new brackets Shiny... Towbar makes an excellent jacking point oh it's an original Toyota one too. Thanks for watching lads stay tuned for more!
  4. Krispie G's French Built 1.0

    Awesome build! can't wait to see it finished
  5. Recommend OBD code reader

    Any cheap one will work on the Yaris, I have a small one so the cover can stay closed was under 5 quid off eBay
  6. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Jasma 001 is Fujitsubo, looking at the pic it's a Fuji Powergetter
  7. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Lovely car! was the exhaust a straight bolt on Yaris/Vitz one?
  8. Forgot to post my latest additions so here they are JDM Vitz optional armrest JDM Vitz optional ignition light Broadway clip-on ultrawide mirror Blitz filter (still needs fitting) Team Heko winddeflectors
  9. Thanks, should go right on with 2 selftappers on each side a bit of tigerseal here and there.
  10. My name is Lani from the Netherlands, don't think I need to introduce myself as most you know me off the FB pages. Can't find my old post so here I am with a fresh topic! Have the car for just over a year now bought it august 2016 100% bone stock fully dealer maintained with just 80k miles on the clock. I grew up with Asian cars and my mum has 1.3 frenchie for years so that's what got me into these. My goal is to make it into a Vitz RS rep as I'm a Jap nut, enough talking let's go straight to the project! Current modlist: Vitz badges JDM badges JDM armrest JDM ignition light JDM multicolour speedo bulbs Crystal Eye LED taillights Osram Nightbreakers bulbs HKS Hi Power Silent exhaust Mk2 spoiler Pioneer DEH-X5800BT HU + Connects2 stalk OMP front and rear braces The day I got it Back home I already had some mods waiting so once I finally got home after a 3,5h drive slapped the Crystal Eyes on that I had waiting and tinted the front fogs Fast forward a few days later, Installed the best mod yet a new Pioneer DEH-X5800BT unit and a Connects2 stalk-adapter, while at it I replaced the heatercontrol bulbs as they were a little dim. The Connects2 adapter was needed to remain the steeringhweelcontrol functionality and it works absolutely flawlessly. Didn't do much during the summer apart from some maintenance and fitting some Vitz badges. Had some overnight parts coming from Japan just before winter so I could fit them, the shipment included a brand new HKS Hi Power Silent exhaust and the pair of badges Thingy on top is to prevent motorway drone, oh and cheeky lil pic of me For those interested how it sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv3t4G2GEus Ordered some more mods during the cold months: OMP front and rear braces of a fellow member and a MK2 spoiler, took awhile for the spoiler to arrive and it had to painted. In the meantime I installed the braces. The front brace really improved the handling in corners, the rear is more there for show and doesn't do much fast forwarding a few months later I got a call from the painter saying that the spoiler was ready and oh boy does it look good While at it I replace the rear pads and sparkplugs as they needed chaning. At this point I really started focusing on sourcing rare JDM bits I've spend hours and hours on various forums, sites and blogs both English and Japanse.
  11. We're back?!

    Sweeet! well done @Aidan