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  1. Little Yaris Turbo-Sport

    Quick update on this one! After another year, I've rebuild the engine again. Remembered what I previously wrote, "TBR engine is flawless". Well, wrong. It made a strange noise in the beginning, which I hoped it will go away, the engine being new. After 10k km, the noise became unbearable, I've opened the engine again. Completely. (it was using too much fuel anyway; don't run low compression pistons with stock ECU and no turbo if you don't wanna see mileage of 13+ l/100km !! ) One of the bearing of the third piston was twisted over the other, rendering the crankshaft damaged beyond repair, as the bearing made deep grooves in it. TBR engine, nice forged internals, crappiest auxiliary parts possible. How can you build such a nice engine, with so much expensive parts, and just use the cheapest bearings possible? Anyway, engine was rebuild using the parts from the old one, so: "new/TBR" block, "old" crankshaft, "old" rods, "old bearings", brand new ring set, together with brand new Prius pistons, with 13.0:1 compression. Another 5k km and one year later with the new setup, and the cars drives as it should, fuel economy is relative ok (around 10 l/100km), and the instant available power is awesome! Haven't got around to fit the Unichip yet, but time will come. I reckon, if as stock you have 105bhp with 10.5:1 compression, and the 9.0:1 compression felt like a 90bhp or even less, I feel that the 13.0:1 is like around 130bhp. It runs faster that the MkII TS 100% No pictures for the moment, the car is in a shitty state, but drives around, my brother uses it from time to time. It will remain N/A for the moment, and probably for the rest of it's life. Just to let you know, economically is more effective to just drop Prius pistons in, than to try and convert it to anything else. And the resulted power is enough for the little car, it sprints like a dream, and still keeps the high reliability and low maintenance.
  2. As I see that you guys started turbo projects just a bit before me, so I have to catch up  :) A lot of turboed 1NZs lately :D   So here's mine, until now: I got the car about 2 month ago, and got it mainly because it was a good price (at least for the local market). I took it as a project basically, and maybe because I've always wanted a T-Sport after 5 years with the 1.0. I knew from the beginning there were some problems with the engine, but I believed in the first instance they were timing chain related. The car was (and at the moment it still is) in a bad shape (interior and exterior), although it isn't rusty. Only that it hasn't been taken care of.   So, after I got it home and directly to the service, we measured the compression, which was down to about 9, from 14. We dismantled the rocker cover and the timing cover and could observed some very nasty things about it: the oil was weird, and very greasy. In that moment there were 2 choices: replace the new engine with a new scrapyard one, or rebuild the current one. Considering that the only scrapyard availability was a 1200 Eur engine (workmanship and taxes included), that was over half of what I paid for the car, for an engine that I didn't know how long it would last, I took the decision to rebuild the engine; I didn't need the car asap anyway. With the cylinder head off, some odd things could be observed: the cylinder walls were worn in a very weird way, they were having at the top a smaller diameter than the specified standard, 75.00mm (they were about 74.50-74.70 mm), and much larger in the middle and at the bottom, almost like conical.   After everything was out, and I've started to get different things for rebuild and remanufacturing (as the engine block to be rebored and honed); several days later I was the only one bidding on an ebay 1NZ low compression forged internals rebuilded engine, even though I bid only half of the asked price. The guys offered me a chance to get it, and pressed by the 24h timeframe, I said what a heck, let's roll (I just trusted the ad...I know, I know, I shouldn't). Right after I've bought it I realised it is a TBR engine, rebuild by them, with Arias 9.0 compression pistons, and Molnar Rods. It's been one month since the engine arrived, and we are slowly putting it back together. I'm very anxious to see if I've made a big mistake buying it or not.   Some pictures up until now (beside the big parts, everything is new: timing chain kit, sprockets, vvt-i controller, water pump, oil pump, thermostat, plugs, bolts (lots and lots of bolts), gaskets, filters, spark plugs, clutch, etc).     [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:244]