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  1. Word of warning on the teins; mine are now about 5 years old and have started sagging...

    5 years on a set of springs which are £125 isnt exactly bad in my books xD

    Just have to 'happen to see them first' on the forum mate, or you can buy them from some Japanese version of eBay

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    Yeah, a few bolts is all it is, real easy, the fiddly bit is wiring in the fog lights and the rear number plate lights - there's 2 number plate lights on the TS, and one on non TS

    I can vouch for teins, never had any problems with them, not uncomfortable at all, and the leave a Yaris sitting at a height it looks like it should have always been - also highly recommend getting poly bush drop links too
    Together that'll result in a good handling improvement


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    what do the bush links do? and how do you go about installing? sorry, new to this stuff ahaha :)

  2. whats the best time to change up in a mk1 1.0l ph2? for the best performance, obvs i know its a slow car, just tryning to make the most out of it, ive heard 5.5k revs is where its at it peak, can anyone confirm or deny this?


    sorry if wrong section.

  3. No I hear ya, fair enough. I mean aside from maybe chucking the spare wheel out, if u wanted to one-off race one then you could take the air filter out just for the race to give you the best chance, have very little fuel in ur tank and launch from 4,000 rpm which is point of max torque. Shift at 6K not the 6400 redline, cos max power is at 6, it drops off beyond it, u want to stay in the power band 4000-6000 rpm the whole time. Other than than that it's down to u, practice ur shifting and don't dump the clutch too quickly on launch

    spare tires gone anyway as got alloys and not steelies now xD

    but thanks, gonna have to try and sort the car out first, the engine seems to miss when at full throttle which isnt good, checked everything i can think of with no avail, check out my other thread if you have any ideas, not an electrical issue and plugs are all fine etc

  4. I was thinking the same at first when I had my 1.0. But tbh these induction mods are designed really for more highly tuned and developed engines producing more torque, even then these by themselves will not make any great difference in terms of acceleration without a proper exhaust mod or a remap. (Any BHP gain less than 10% of the factory output) generally won't be noticed).

    Same goes for the K&N panel filter but it's even worse, all this will do is reduce the life of the engine cos it's the same basic size and area as the factory filter, so the only way to increase airflow is for it to be less restrictive, and that just means more of the crap in the air will end up in the engine.

    Bottom line is ur money is far better spent on giving it a good service, ( just replacing the filter more frequently, cleaning the air flow sensor, changing the oil and using decent non-supermarket brand fuel. You'd also be better off just chucking out any unnecessary weight! 😄

    well i mean, im at college and so gotta give mates lifts everywhere so removng seats and shit isnt very practical xD

    what ur saying is that the 1l is already as good as its gonna get, i mean its fucking fast for a 1l xD

    just wanna beat a 1.2 twinport corsa, and from new the corsa is a tiny bit faster 0-60, best way to launch a 1.ol? what revs should i get it to xD

  5. I'm actually thinking about replacing my Tein springs with Eibach ones to raise the car a bit, but I'm not sure the little difference would be worth the money. The car is a bit too low right now.


    Here's how it sits on Tein S-Tech springs


    omfg best looking yaria ive ever seen, looks like you are not from uk, if you were i wouldb uy the springs from u :(

  6. any noticable differance using a induction kit like this




    on a 1litre yaris?

    any actual benifit horsepower wise? or more of a gimmick/looks thing, like if i put my foot down will i notice anything? also looking an k/n air filter panel but just replaced my filter with another new standard one, any differance noticable?

    just need some ways to make the 1 litre nippier engine wise, not gonna strip it as still a student xD

  7. Will do, cheers for the help!

    make sure amp has enough power for the rms and about 50% more prefferably, just so that the peak doesnt make the amp explode xD

    also make sure that you buy speakers with high rms and not high peak power.

  8. whats the deal with eevryone recomendign tein springs when they are only35/38? and about £130? are they justifiably worth the extra money over say http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-YARIS-Mk1-1-0-99-05-LOWERING-SPRINGS-40mm-/201210153436?hash=item2ed90f49dc:m:m7KCMIyy1K1G_CHGNVoxb9A


    or is it just the brand sort of thing, looking to go lower and wondering how badly the comfort is adjusted on 40mm or 35mm or whatever, got 15" alloys

  9. When were the sparks last changed?


    Just read that you checked them! Whats your coil packs looking like? 


    Maybe even thing about doing a compression test on it

    brand new bosch super 4 plugs installed for that extra power

    still same, knew it wasnt plugs anyway as checked them before individually, it doesnt miss ticking over or idle, only when you put your foot down, ive read that there is a sensor in the exhaust which modify's engine fuel ratio depending on emissions and that this could have failedb ut believe it was on a newer mk2 yaris, does the mk1 have the same system?

  10. you talkin bought buying official yaris ones and wiring into original headunit?

    or buying after market speakers and headunit?


    second option is probs cheapest (toyota premium cost parts), you would just need to buy an amp, some speakers and then cut a hole in the shelf, dont buy speakers with huge heavy magnets as they probs will break the shelf and fall off or some shit xD


    there are loads of youtube videoes about wiring speakers to amp, just google it, if you arent bothered about sub then a 2 channel amp will work fine, when buying speakers look at rms power not peak power, the higher rms the better, then you just buy an amp which can support 2x that amount (2 speakers) + about 50% for the extra headroom.

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    im so confused r/n

  12. thinking of buying the rear silencer for my mk1 1.0l. wondering how much of an improvement it would be though, as cat and rest of the thin pipework would still be there, is there anywhere that sells more of the exhaust as surely the back box alone wont do much? or am i wrong?




    goes for about £305 aswell :(


    just found out i can get a custom cat back exhaust for about £350, is that worth it? any power increase?

  13. is there any back box's or full aftermarket systems which will fit a mk1 1.0l phase 2 yaris?


    my backbox is rattling and misses and im not sure why, so replacing it is the best option imo, but would like abit of a louder tone if possible?