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  1. Jack's TTE supercharged yaris

    So here is another little update as to whats been going on! well, it broke again! 3 times actually first off the top alternator bracket snapped which wasn't great but easily remedied and welded up and now working fine, the car has been running lean since i got the car pretty much, originally i thought it was to do with the big intake and standard injectors but upon investigation the charger pipe just after the throttle body had two bolt holes empty for where a bracket should be, i just stuck two bolts in there and its been sound since then the bottom alternator bolt backed out and started to arc onto the earth which wasn't so fun when it was raining at 7 in the morning on the way to work! new bolts and nuts and that has been sorted. modification wise i've tinted the side repeaters as i cant bare the sight of the clear ones, i bought a set of Enkei rs wheels which have made the car easier on the eye! poly engine mounts have also been bought off of Milo along with a brake stopper which will do well for the car as the engine movement with the charger doesn't do me any favours. Also ive gotten fed up with messing about with washers and incorrect spacers for the alternator relocation bracket so i did some searching on the TTE install guide and found the ones i need and ordered those so the belt will now run true like it should. next job is to paint some bits on the car like the scuttle and any faded black trim along with the inside of the headlights, once that's all done ill look into sourcing a lip and replacing the bonnet and bumper
  2. Jack's TTE supercharged yaris

    @cams they're great fun mate, although the charged ones dont come without their issues, hopefully all sorted again soon!
  3. Y20 TTE So as i plan on having this car a while i thought it would be a good idea to start a forum thread to log the process of the "build" as some of you may know i used to have a Yaris T sport which was my first car, absolutely loved it to bits and regrettably sold it! went out and bought a clio 197, fun cars but not for me. after that came a flame red Astra VXR which was fully forged, bloody loved that car but unfortunately some people cant keep their hands to themselves and it was stolen and not recovered, so after seeing my options i decided it was time to scratch the boosted Yaris itch i had developed after owning my old one for 2 years. A lad on the YCUK facebook page had a TTE supercharged Yaris for sale in Thunder grey, it needed some bits doing and tidying up but that's what i wanted, something to get stuck into and learn some more things spec list when i picked up the car was TTE supercharger running TTE piggyback ecu K&n typhoon which i replaced for a Blitz sus lm as i wasnt keen on the positioning of the typhoon Cobra bucket seat, now replaced for 2 corbeau clubsports tein springs omp front brace torque dampener blitz back box before even picking up the car i had ordered a fair few parts off of club members, which included a brand new whiteline rear arb, optional extra led tails, lightweight flywheel, brake stopper, vitz badges and a few more little bits and pieces which made me feel more at home in the car. one of the main issues was that the alternator relocation bracket was spaced out completely wrong resulting in it squealing like anything and going through belts like there's no tomorrow this was an easy enough fix just a bit time consuming due to the crappy winter weather and an annoying stuck bolt, but 50 quid on irwin broken nut removers later and it was out! once the bracket was realigned it was till squeaking and it became clear that the alternator needed to go over to the right a little more, thankfully Chris had come round to pick up a pulley and then got stuck in and sorted it out for me, lending a hand where i could but mainly making the teas! all is good and back together, all checked over revealing i needed a water pump and to replace the pulley bearings pretty sharpish, it was fine for a day or so and then it had started squeaking again but only slightly under load, low and behold that evening the belt shit itself a few days later and a new belt it was right as rain again. Onto the next issue, the bloody battery! from what it looked like it was the original battery that came with the car from new, after leaving me shafted in tescos petrol station where 2 lads had to bump start me i decided it was time to order a odyssey pc680 with battery bracket from euros and Murray Motorsport. in general the car just needed a good service and going over to see whats what, it still needs some work without a doubt but that isn't an issue, i was happy when checking over the underside of the car to only find some small surface rust on the fuel tank, other than that its sweet as a nut! There isn't really too much more to say right now other than that, plans for the build will most likely chop and change as time goes on so i wont go over that just yet.
  4. Lewis’ Yaris Tsport Turbo

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this mate! Such a mega build and ill hopefully see it in person and get a passenger lap in it one day? +1
  5. Nice thread @lani100! Will be good to see what the future holds for this project!