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  1. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    This is how she sits now! Got a MK2 spoiler being painted and hoping to meet more of you at shows this year.
  2. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Also thanks to Lani he sold me some crystal rear lights. They completely change the way the car looks!
  3. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Havent posted in a while and there is huge changes on the car. Bought TRD replica front and rear lips
  4. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Ended up selling the gold wheels and buying some lighter ones. Can’t wait to hit the track now
  5. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Thanks:) yes it was straight bolt on. It had a Jasma stamp of 001 not sure what it means though
  6. Thanks makes the car look completely different
  7. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Most recent is the wheels. Found these for £300 on eBay brand new, definitely compliment the car
  8. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Stumbled across an exhaust on Facebook marketplace and the seller said he also had a typhoon for sale too. I got the pair at a bargain price of £50
  9. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Straight away I knew I hated the seats so they got replaced with a pair of WRX seats I paid £50 for
  10. Dec’s PH2 T sport

    Hi, I’ve had my yaris about 3 months now and wanted to make a project thread. This is the day I picked it up.
  11. Lovely car! does the mk2 spoiler require much to fit?