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  1. Exhaust rattle

    Hi fellow Yaris owners i own a Yaris 2003 reg recently in the last week i started to hear a loud rattling noise when starting engine and while in low revs. It is very annoying and turns peoples heads. I noticed it was coming from the back so i looked and the heatshield thing above the back exhaust is loose and moving around. I guess i found the issue the question is do i remove the heatshield or do i have this thing repaired. Dont really want to spend any more money on this old car anymore. Thanks for reading.
  2. engine code

    Hi could iget some advise please i have had the check engine light on my car on for over a month now and finally i got it put on the diagnostic thing. I am getting error code po135 o2 sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 1. Whcih sensor is this the one under the car or the one after the cat converter. Also is it a job i could do my self by jacking up the car.
  3. radio code

    Hi i hope someone can help i would like to reset my check engine light on my 1.3 spirit yaris. Recently i bought this car and there was no light on when i test drove it etc everything seems fine otherwise but after refuelling i think i didnt tighten the fuel cap enough and the light stays on now. I have found a method to reset it by removing the negative battery terminal for a few mins but i guess i will lose the radio code and i cannot find it in the handbook. Does anyone know what this code is because i read online it is a generic 320 for many toyotas and some dont even have a code. I dont want to risk in case it isnt 320 and i get struck without a radio. Thanks for reading.
  4. bought yaris 1.3 vvti spirit

    Hello fellow yaris owners i bought my yaris 1.3vvti spirit 3 door today after nissan micra written off. I am very please with the car. It has 70,000 miles but is very tidy and seems well looked after. One thing which is bugging me tho and that is the speedo seems to be reading inaccurate. When im doing about 30mph its reading 42 and when im doing about 5mph it reads 15or 20. I did 60 on a dual carriageway and it was reading 103. Is there an easy remedy to this maybe some sort of calibration setting or will it need more serious attention.