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  1. On 4/26/2018 at 9:30 PM, lani100 said:

    Looks good mate!

    Thanks buddy! Yours is looking sick too! Keeping an close eye on your build thread 😜

    On 4/28/2018 at 1:39 AM, wobblyman said:

    Looks nice ,are you going for a phase2 front bumper to match the back end m8 👍

    Cheers dude, keeping the ph1 front end. I'm not a huge fan on the phase 2 front end if I'm honest! 

  2. My friend bought some brand new rota hm3 wheels a few years ago, he never got round to fitting them to a car so they basically sat in his house brand new untouched. 

    Yesterday he finally gave in and sold them to me, after me trying to buy them for over a year! 


    The specs are 15x7 et40.

    Here's what they look like fitted to the little t sport.IMG_20180426_141519_885.thumb.jpg.bbe5a896719aae1d858e16190cf62fd4.jpgIMG_20180425_134944_799.thumb.jpg.5924880013fb2f50e714feb99c8b8ca5.jpg

    going to try some 10 or 15mm spacers on the rear, other than that I couldn't be happier with how it looks! 

  3. Hi all. I thought it was about time I started a little thread on my yaris build. It's nothing too crazy but it's turned out pretty much how I was hoping! 

    Starting from the beginning! 

    I had a gs300, was ridiculously low and needed a daily as I was ruining the Lexus using it all the time. IMG_20170618_193113_731.thumb.jpg.8a53aa26f5d00bbc60fa10a5ccdd0afb.jpg

    So after looking at a few t sports i bought this ph1 red t sport for the small sum of £750, the plan was to keep it practical, but looking fairly smart and handling well. When I bought it the bodywork had admittedly seen better days, both front arches had bubbled from rust, and it was pretty faded. 20170430_182304.thumb.jpg.b9e05b0b29a700a0bd91d6bb3d0498f3.jpg

    The car had full history, exedy clutch, blitz nurspec s, k&n typhoon intake and tein s tech springs already fitted. 

    First job on the list was getting the paint work looking presentable. A full cut polish and wax later and the colour really started to look good again 


    Also removed the badges and rear wiper, I also added a square front plate. 20170507_000018.thumb.jpg.cd5b8ee28b988f2515e2db36bd263ffc.jpg20170503_165411.thumb.jpg.3180fddbdd1df5a89affabda351155c4.jpg

    I then won some mx5 enkei wheels for a mere £22 on eBay with near new tyres. I absolutely loved how it sat on the 14's but they were too skinny and their is minimal tyre choice for 14" wheelsIMG_20170612_203832_158.thumb.jpg.a4895b515022e93d3aa9b54c8a8d44bf.jpg

    Next up was to paint the roof to cover the lacquer peel, I also painted the centre of the front bumper. 


    I then bought some cobra side winder seats, made some custom seat rails using the existing t sport sliders. received_1745705438792892.thumb.jpeg.a71ad9ae55466cd1c84b53c355deefb1.jpegIMG_20180130_165309_380.thumb.jpg.55014e3efa757708ec5f899d914e0ad0.jpgIMG_20170909_190940_685.thumb.jpg.2839651394a40b65bae708e39c8e0f09.jpg

    The only thing left to do was buy some wider wheels with some 195 50 15 tyres. 

    Luckily ed had rob fish's old momo wheels with brand new Rain sport 3's for sale, so I traded my mx5 wheels and cash for Them. 


    I ran it like this for the next few months, I was really happy with it and was a perfect daily. Unfortunately the engine mounts were showing their age, you could really feel the engine moving when driving it hard. 

    I made my own solid engine mounts using tiger seal, previously done it to my puma engine fiesta and it worked a treat. 20170930_222752.thumb.jpg.6c385a42fc59a292dcf6660437705f73.jpg

    Once I fitted them it change how the car felt completely, so it was time to strip it out and make it fun. IMG_20180130_165309_375.thumb.jpg.5231da0c779dd19d735ae0af1c771395.jpg

    Then went and picked up some dectane led rear lights IMG_20180204_115631_274.thumb.jpg.aafeaacf5aab012f7d2466b55f9cd697.jpg

    That was the last modification I done to "nug" 

    Unfortunately the body work started looking tired and I kinda fell out of love with it. I then get tagged in a Facebook post, an old fella put his daughters yaris t sport up for sale a few miles away from my house, a ph1 thunder grey, 90k miles and the shell was absolutely mint, no rust what so ever! 

    Rang him up and went through to see it straight away, ended up paying £400 And he included brand new padgid disc and pads too! 


    Within 24 hour of buying it, parts started getting swapped from the red one. 


    the red one got retired mostly back to standard, other than tein lowering springs and blitz nurspec IMG_20180304_175925_282.thumb.jpg.7f2408be38607192363cabc6e6b744b7.jpg

    Within a few hours of posting it up for sale, it was sold. Pretty gutting to see it go but at least I had a clean new shell.

    I then bought a ph2 rear bumper IMG_20180311_172628_554.thumb.jpg.c6e4fe26f02ef61943e9b07ee3caa228.jpg

    Rear end got stripped, boot floor painted black and all the interior plastics and roof lining went black 20180412_152540.thumb.jpg.e76c353b63a481e28b917aadfa4464cb.jpg

    Custom side skirt extensions IMG_20180327_174427_350.thumb.jpg.0719324dd46792d129e5cb43ac3c90a9.jpg

    Front rhino lip, cold air feed from the n/s foglight, And black badges 



    Tein springs and custom back box delete was fitted. IMG_20180417_221051_386.thumb.jpg.05b4ae8de122e456fdac6c7638005e37.jpg

    Next on the list was a new motamec red suede steering wheel and canards.IMG_20180419_234140_398.thumb.jpg.e2ac420d791486a58cbb59d1d6e37794.jpgIMG_20180420_121424_098.thumb.jpg.444f009565012914aa0e622a2f810f91.jpg

    Cleaned the engine bay up, also painted a few bits red. 


    Here's a few photos how it currently looksIMG_20180421_163637_246.thumb.jpg.6dd5382df94512d22eea45fc2302f34a.jpgIMG_20180421_004203_735.thumb.jpg.8b1069a1b972b252fd605b2b339caa6d.jpgIMG_20180423_021410_499.thumb.jpg.c514cc5df9d237cae1e1891b999b6b6d.jpg