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  1. ATF Change Help Please........

    Hi everyone, I would be grateful for some advice please with my 2002 Yaris 1.3 Auto 67k (UK made not French). I want to change the automatic transmission fluid.....according to the owners manual it requires Toyotas own T-IV (JWS3309 / NWS6500). I called two Toyota dealers who don't have this in stock and I can't find any on ebay. The transmission is working perfectly and the colour of the ATF is fine (not bright pink as I'm used to but a clear brown the same as the power steering fluid) I think this is the colour the fluid is even when new. I just want to change it for piece of mind. So I have two questions 1) is there an alternative to Toyota T-IV that you would trust and is safe to use (I've found Mobil 3309 on ebay) 2) does my car have an ATF filter Thank you very much