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  1. I have been looking at these, is anyone here from Bradford ???? or Joe where abouts are you from mate? I was hoping someone who knows about d4-d could assist me in checking the car out.



    the guy selling it sounds mega doughy, I phoned him he said its his mate's car he's selling, owned it for 5 months, etc.



    I'm in luton so bradford = 215ish miles and doesn't sound great on the phone, I mean I get that i'm not going to get a ferarri for 1500, even a ding here and there doesn't bother me, just the engine i'm worried about...



    Thanks AJ

    I looked at the ones below too






    the second one sold.... was meant to be the one I was going to buy, the owner agreed a time with me and then sold it before my arranged time :(


    the first one the owner has no history on the car at all, and he's not budging on the price at all either, if I buy it and end up putting a new engine in there anyways I might as well spend an extra £600 and get a low mileage yaris :)


    appreciate you looking for me :)

  2. hello guys,


    I found a yaris 1.4 d4-d, with 102k on the clock.. could any one advise of any things I should look for when buying it :)? I know these cars are pretty solid, but just incase as the price is ridiculos. Hoping i'll bag a bargain.



    Thank you for your advice in advance


    Thanks AJ

  3. Hello All,


    Long time since I been here, after having my polo 2 years and spending thousands fixing it i've had enough and looking to go back to a yaris D4-D. Only problem is I cannot see any Yaris's less than 2k even if there 14 years old with 160k on the clock, I intend on using the car for coummuting around 120 miles everyday. I can see petrol yaris's are a hell of a lot cheaper and was wondering what is involved to convert a petrol yaris to a d4-d, Oh rather is it possible? What needs to be done if yes and is it cost effective? I.E. I prefer to get an engine fitted with low miles than buy a 150k mileage engine.



    Please Advise


    Thanks in Advance



  4. Hi Guys,

    I broke down the other day, the fuel pump on my Polo seems to have given up (error code P0251 on OBD scanner), the AA towed me home. The guy from AA checked a number of things on the electrical fuel pump and finally diagnosed that the mechanical Pump is faulty.

    I've ordered another fuel pump from ebay, just wondering how expensive/easy it is to change the fuel pump at either a garage or at home my self. Does the pump need recoding? Also i've been advised about some timing to do with the fuel pump...

    I have a friend who's changed a fuel pump on a Audi petrol and he seems to think its pretty easy, I was just wondering if its just a case of changing pumps over or if its more complicated than that.

    finally he tells me the fuel pump is located under the driver side rear passenger seat, please could some one advise on the process of changing it

    Thanks Arjun

  5. I say goodbye to my beloved Yaris D4-D, it served me well even after all the abuse I gave it. I wish I upgraded to a Corolla, but unfortunately now have a Polo SDi which SUCKS :( compared to my baby

    Thanks Aj

  6. what are all the different things that are required to do it? I have rang a few scrap yards, best i been quoted is £85 for door cards and mechanisms.. not sure if I need anything else?

    thanks aj

  7. Hi guys,

    I have a Yaris T2 D4-D model :) and I was just wondering is it possible to do the following :)

    1.) Fit Electric Windows
    2.) Fit Central Locking
    3.) Use same Fob for ignition and locking, i.e. same as my previous t3 yaris :)

    How much money would I be looking at roughly for this conversion :)

    Thanks AJ

  8. Whats the best oil to protect engine from cold starts? or reduce wear?

    I have a Yaris D4-D its on 83k and when I start it in the morning it takes a LONG time(5 to 7 minutes) for the cold light to go off.. Is their any fuel additive which i can use which maybe sticks to all metal parts to reduce friction?

    ATM i wait a couple of minutes then drive off keeping the REVS under 1000 rpm :)

    Thanks AJ

  9. Hello m8, i'm only getting 59mpg.. also I was wondering how long should i be waiting before i start my car in the morning ? I mean for oil to get to the top of the engine to stop metal against metal contact.. I been reading up about oil Lucas products, they are said to be good, apprently stick to components in the engine and is better for cold starts, etc? Any expreience with this?

    Thanks AJ

  10. by ragging, i just mean i drive @ 80ish miles an hour on the motorway generally.. i don't drive that much.. drive 35ish miles a day MAX. Mite have to start letting my yaris idle after a drive too.. is this really benefitial?

    You use any products in the car to clean injectors or engine components by any chance?

    Also whats good to keep doing regularly to keep it nice and smooth? I have taken note about the oil changes every 5000 miles :)

    thanks aj

  11. Ok so.. to update you guys :), my mate (a mechanic) plugged his test master pro in, tried going in as a toyota diag machine. The instrument wouldn't connect to ECU 2 for some reason :-/, then we used some other tool.. that however connected but no fault codes were read.. (tried erase) management light still on but no fault code :-/

    Finally out of luck he plugged in via standard OBD2 interface and tried a clear data and my Yaris is now back on the road trouble free :p.. Car is running beautiful.. phb10186 how many miles do you get out of a tank? I am on half tank and am on 330 miles.. i have been ragging the car thou ..

    Thanks AJ

  12. cheers m8, dissconnected the battery today :(, no luck( just dissconnected the negative side didn't bother with posotive as I thought it would break the circuit.. also i followed the How-tos and cleaned MAF sensor again properly and put it back today :), I will take the car to my mates garage and get him to read / clear the fault code.. car is running fine now.. Fault light even goes off for a split second and then comes back as if car is all ok then reads previous codes i guess.. but car is driving much nicer now.. also i put some diesel treatment in my car.. not sure if this has also contributed or not.. but atleast even with the engine light on .. car is running nice :)

    any further advice appreciated

    Thanks AJ