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  1. Yellow mellow

    No major updates from when I first picked it apart from a set of 17's on it and a set if rear spats
  2. Soooo 😂 I had a thunder grey ph2 1.3 that ended up being a vitz Rd replica, iv got the mellow yellow mk3 hybrid as my daily and now a ph1 tsport in red as a play toy. Its only got 66k miles on it needs a bit of work here and there an old bloke had it from new and in typical old man style his repairs were questionable 😂 nothing major just a little but if paint here and there. The obligatory vitz badge as all my yaris have had one even the hybrid has, my fogs had typical toyota fog aids so split them and resprayed them and that's it so far. Plans are just to make it a tidy tsport for now with a few cheeky mods but everything will be reversable so iv got a few custom wiring looms to make for some bits and pieces.
  3. Yellow mellow

    Hi guys and gals, some of you will remember my first yaris build the 1.3 colour collection that ended up as a vitz rs replica. Well after a few years and a couple of bad choices im back in a mk3 hybrid this time which again is going down the vitz replica route 😂 so far iv rebadged it as a vitz using the right badges to match, tinted the fog lights, blacked out the chrome bezel around the figs, added wind deflectors and added some trims round the door strikes to hide the bolts as well as do away with some of the hybrid badges iv more plans for the future but for now this how she stands 👍