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  1. Mud flaps for t sport

    So having nearly completed my expensive refurb of my Yaris T sport, I am keen to fit a set of mud flaps. Most of the 'universal' ones on the market seem to be too narrow. Has anyone successfully fitted and if so what make, of something suitable. I dont want it to look like a track car or boy racer, just something discreet and more to the point effective. My last car, Suzuki Ignis, was transformed by the fitment of factory flaps which almost eliminated the need for the rear wiper. I fitted a set to a previous t sport which worked well but the Accessory shop I bought them from like many is now a charity shop. Yours Colin.
  2. Inlet rattle Yaris t sport

    So anyway. Before any of you go down the new inlet manifold route, (£178 + gasket), get your Pcp valve, checked. My man said it has a ball that sticks, causing the manifold flutter noise, sounds like timing chain rattle. Anyway he soaked it overnight in cleaner, rattle gone. 1/4 hr labour only. Thanks Rik. The fact that the new clutch still judders and there is now a rattle underneath, prob exhaust, is just another 'Ongoing' pain. Cheers Colin
  3. Inlet rattle Yaris t sport

    Disappointed not to receive any replies, so took the drill and drilled into no.2 inlet tract. Slight improvement but not cured, so new manifold at £178 + gasket it is. Thats nothing compared to the 4k already spent on my resto. I have had the gearbox and diff rebuilt by a so called specialist, worse than before they started, but the leaking driveshaft seals still leak. After much head scratching, turns out my new JR driveshafts fitted 3 yrs ago when I previously owned the car are 1mm undersized at the entry point. Grrrrr. Had used JR before with no problems on a previous car. This is odd and has been going on for 3yrs, each time MOT advised, slight leak from geartrain, which is why I sold it in the first place. Replaced by a new Ignis which I hated even though it was doing 69mpg. After a year the dealer offered me almost what I had paid so managed to buy back my beloved Yaris. and decided to spend the extra on a restoration. Its not going well. New brakes all round, Discs pads shoes springs, new springs, wheelbearings, belts, waxoiled, they cant do the expensive rear suspension bushes, due to rusty mounts, B---. At least the nice man at Toyota has been giving me trade discount on parts. Thanks Darren. So anyway, I get it back on Monday, Lets hope the leak is fixed, the new, new clutch dosnt judder,?? and peace and tranquility have been restored, oh and the exhaust blow, only happened since the box was out, bet the manifold is cracked. It has a stainless system, mistake, A pot scourer up the tailpipe helps, has been addressed. Who said life would be easy once I got MY beloved 5dr Tsport back. I have Had 4, now, even had a supercharged £38k mercedes in between, but keep coming back to the increasingly rare 5dr Yaris. Its the easiest car for a very Old Git to live with, despite its age related problems. Cheers Colin
  4. Hi my high mileage T sport has developed the dreaded inlet flutter noise, (like a timing chain rattle). Having had it on a previous T sport I think it is the plastic manifold delaminating. On the previous car years ago, I found a thread that advised and told where to put a self tapping screw in the manifold, which cured the problem. Can no longer find thread, Can anyone advise me where to drill. The only advise online is for the Corolla which has a diff manifold. Also I am trying to rejoin the Club, but it keeps saying security not correct.??? Having bought back my beloved Tsport, and spent £3,400 on restoration, I would appreciate help in fixing this prob. Cheers. Colin Shurvell. Colinshurvell@googlemail.com
  5. Store

    So anyway guys its good to be back, But I would like to buy some stickers for my 'new' car, but cant seem to get anything on store. Are they still available and if so how do I access/find them. I liked the 'subtle' old ones but anything would do. Cheers Colin
  6. I have been a very satisfied customer of Opie for a while now. (Castrol edge 5/30) at a bargain price less than good old Halfords inc trade card. (how much longer can they survive) even inc postage. Marvelous service with the oil always arriving the next day. Only one complaint, the website wont let me put my car '04 yaris t sport' in for oil filter reference ??? But that apart Fab company to deal with. Thanks Mr Opie, and thanks for your 'instant' advice on product suitability, Cheers Colin Shurvell.
  7. Im Back

    Well Guys, its been a long time since I was able to access this wonderful site. In the meantime I swapped my beloved t sport for a 1.3 manual Iq, which I hated, kept for 2 years until I managed to find another 5dr T sport which the dealer agreed to do a straight swap. Mmmm Oh well at least I got back into a proper car. Its a thunder 04 with 53k miles and a dodgy repair to the n.s. rear door, (does anyone have an unmarked thunder one going spare) Had a nightmare rattle, which is why the previous owner got rid. Turned out to be the sunroof, which a piece of foam rammed in above the operating rods in the roof cured, Yippee, and has since been totally trouble free. Just passed Mot an hr ago. Uses no oil between changes (castrol edge 5/30) and fuelly sez 50.3mpg. Dash says 48.6 at mo. Mind u I coast in neutral nearly as much as im in gear in our lovely rural Devon. Anyway, apart from a new set of Dunlop Sport Bluresponse fitted the day after I got it to replace the mismatched 'economy' tyres it came with, (they have transformed the drive) it has only cost me oil and filters. Im thrilled and end up going for a drive nearly every day. Ive had it a year in 2 weeks and have already done 16k. Its good to be back. Cheers Colin