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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys and girls! My names Lewis and I’ve been a member of the forum for a good few years but never really posted anything mainly just been nosey and bought stuff off the market place. I though I’d make a build post as best I can for people who asked about the car on Facebook and for my own personal document. Car started off as a completely standard 2003 Toyota Yaris T sport phase 1, my first car ! I had it on the road for about 3-4ish years and did the normal things wheels coil overs etc. Unfortunally one night coming home from work someone drove straight into the passanager door. Totally wrote off the door and dented the inner seal. So the accident happened 5 days before my insurance renewal. Annoyingly the insurance company Elephant didn’t know there arse from there elbow ended up chasing the wrong insurance company who were at fault. After 12 months of back and forth and endless phone calls (and the car being off the road as it’s wasnt insure-able no one would touch me with a unsettled claim) I finally got a pay out. They paid £1200 for a door and for me to get it painted, the man on the phone said about writing the car off and I agreed thinking I’d get more money. Few days later they contacted me saying they weren’t willing to write the car off as the car was repairable, but wouldn’t repair the car as it was modified (insured as a modifed car too) so this is why they offered £1200 for me to fix the door. So in the mean time I collected some parts for the car and I got myself a door for £80 and pocketed the rest. After all that and a pervious fault accident I had earlier in that year 2014 my insurance was more then when I first ever insured the car so it stayed off the road with the mindset that I’d turbo it. SO LET THE FUN HEADACHES AND CRYING BEGIN!! So I fixed the door got myself a brand new bumper from Mr T and started my build. I ordered from America: Forged pistons(Wesico, lower compression over sized 75mm I believe ) Forged rods(Molnar H beam with ARP bolts), big and main end bearings (King race bearings), Brian crower stiffer valve springs and titanium retainers and King thrust washer/bearings. Even managed to get my hands on a Golden Eagle inlet manifold and Golden Eagle fuel rail too. Also ordered ARP bolts for the head and big and main end to go with the other goodies, Also picked up a lightened crank pulley and a Kaaz LSD too. Time to rip the engine and gearbox out ! And not for the first time as I’ve previously hydrolocked one and had to replace a engine before 😂 So the engine came out and off to the engine builders for a long time, And the gearbox off to the transmission company. Once the gearbox was delivered to the transmission company the Kaaz LSD was fitted along with new bearings and seals all round and a check of the gearset it’s self. That was sorted and all painted and ready to go. Mean while the engine was slowly coming apart and being sorted, long story short the engine took 8months or so to actually be done and finished some of that time was my fault, some was the engine builders/the machine shops etc. Less talking and more pictures of the engine!! The block got slightly bored/hooned to suit the new pistons. I couldn’t get a block guard so the engine builder suggested an old school styled way of doing the same thing but with long bolts. I’m not an engineer but I told him to do what was best and he’s done this on a few Forged VW engines he’s built for himself and on others. Weather it’s right or wrong you can decide but if something does go wrong because of that he’s happy to be responsible. He actually has a 2litre turbo VW engine 400ish BHP in an old school VW camper pickup styled truck, total animal. The block also had to be notched to accommodate the new H bean rods as the catch the block. Before notching. After notching. When he removed the crank he rang me up laughing and his quote was ‘is this a toy crank?’ Because of how small it was. He recommended having the crank dipped and hardened then polished back to size. I’m not sure where it got sent for hardening but it was sent to DY engineering to be polished back to spec. If any of you guys have been to Japfest or ever seen the liberty walk R35 GTR in a coppery colour or ever heard of Kyoto drift then DY engineering built the engines for them. Once the crank was back it was then sent to Anderson motorsport for the whole bottom assembly to be balanced: Crank, Rods, Pistons, lightened crank pulley, Fidanza lightened flywheel and clutch plate. When that all came back it was time for him to assemble the engine for me. He had a head gasket specially made for my engine it was a special multi layer styled gasket ( I’m not 100% sure exactly what it is but he did tell me once) ARP bolts went in and I was told it wasn’t a fun job to do, The head was slightly ported and polished and had new valves and my fancy valve springs fitted. And finally the engine was built and delivered to me after 8 long months. I’m sure there’s a few more bits that went into the engine that I haven’t listed. It had all new water and oil pump gunine and new rocket cover gasket kit etc. And there she is ! 😍 While the engine was getting built I fitted a roll cage and had the spare wheel well cut out and plated over. Also had to crudely plate over the sun roof as it had to be removed for the roll cage. The roll cage got delieved and I wasn’t ready for the task ahead. Straight away I started wrong and got the cage painted before even test fitting and marking out stuff. But it did look good ! Me and a friend managed to get it test fitted and we sat the feet where they needed to go so we marked that out and I got myself ready to wire wheel and grind miles of seam sealer and paint off the car. I employed a friend of a friend who spends his lift welding cars endlessly. Also he’s fitted about 5 other OMP cages mainly to BMWs but he’s had cosworths etc anything RWD so when he came and seen my car he called my car wrong wheel drive!. The holes you can see are from a previous half cage that was famously in Danny means Jun cammed T sport and now it lives inside Rob Fish supercharged T sport maybe even more famous now. All the hole got covered and welded over, so we started on removing the spare wheel well. Had to clean up all the paint around the spare wheel well and drill out all the spot welds on the back of the car along the rear bumper bar. Isn’t easy watching your car get chopped up but it’s totally worth it! I don’t have any pictures but the rear chassis legs got braced and welded under the car. The roof got plated over like I said but it isn’t pretty. Once all that was sorted I had the plates welded into the car finally and I painted the floor and roof satin black and had a strut brace welded across the rear two strut towers. That took forever and a lot of paint but seemed to work well. Time for the cage to be fitted for the last time! Cage went in and the dash followed. Again I didn’t take any pictures but I modified the bracket for the steering column so I could get the steering wheel to go lower than standard. Seats and steering wheel went in ages. I had a life line weld on steering wheel box welded onto the steering column, I had the slug machined out centre and just enough so it pushed on over the old spline then had it drilled and managed to hammer a split pin through the middle and then welded together. So the steering wheel is fully detachable. while all that was going on I took delivery on some extra bits I didn’t think I’d get my hands on. Got hold of a carbon fibre bonnet, carbon skinned boot lid and a set of Phase 2 Toyota LED lights, lighted alternator pulley and a set of Okada plasma direct ignition coils.