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Broken Bonnet Release Cable On T Sport

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Hi ,
It just happened for my Yaris T Sport :(
Cable snapped, as I suggest(and feel) inside latch.
Does anybody had the same problem before, if yes, can you please explain me how to open the bonnet. Or can anybody post pictures, how that mechanism looks like from inside side.
And to replace that cable, enough only wire, or I need whole housing too?
Never had that problem before, so my questions can look unusual :)
Many thanks :)
And yes,this is my first POST.)

after 6 hours of thinking and hard work in +6C temperature I finally resolved the Puzzle.
There is instruction for Toyota Yaris T Sport 52reg:

1.Remove middle grille from bumper, easy to do with screwdriver.
2.Bonnet grille have 3 bolts,2 in corners and 1 in the middle, so put in hand in "removed bumper grille hole" drivers side(more space), find bolt( I used camera to figure it out), use size 10 spanner, remove bolt declick plastic part.
3.Now easy peel out bonnet grille from drivers side, and you will see the lock.
4.Use long wire with [___ shaped head or small hook, follow cable and you will see round hole and something like gun backsight, figure it out what you need to pull towards you(use torch)and pull it. That is it.

If you don't want to spend 40£ on cable, You can easily fix it.

1.You need something on the end of the cable, ask in car, bike, electrical, DYE shop.
2.Accurately shorten your housing black cable from interior side, try not to damage your wire cable.

If you do it right, you will save 100£ :)

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Hello thank you for this post.

I have a Toyota Tatis CDX 1999 model. The bonet opening cable was probably broken by the RAC mechanic who came to

jump start the car when wife accidently left the car door opened. He jump started the car from underneath and said it needs a new battery and should be taken to a garage . Garage did not open the bonnet and said the battery is fine.


if I need to openthe bumper grill to open the bonet and change the cable.


The screws / nuts for the bumper grill can not be opened from outside as they are fitted from the inside of the bonnet?

Is there any other way to open the bonnet?


Best wishes

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First, check if the cable is broken near the hood lock lever in dash or next to hood catch under bonnet.


If it's broken next to opening lever, you might be able to pull the wire end with pliers to open hood. 


If it's broken under hood, its more complicated. I used an aluminium rod, around 5mm in diameter, which I bent so that I could pull the bonnet catch at the same tab the cable pulls. I inserted the rod between bumper and grille. It will be easier if you can find another yaris to see how the hood lock operates.

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Thank you Lurrki


To make matter worse as the car was parked on drive for 25 days the battery now is discharged.

I need to open the bonet to jump start it/

I will keep updating until I manage to open the bonnet.



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