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Stalling Engine Troubles

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So, I wanted to see if this was a common problem.


I have stalled my car a couple of times now, and seem to have an intermittent problem occurring. Sometimes when I stall I can take my key out, put it back in, foot down on the clutch and it starts perfectly. 


I have on a number of other occasions, stalled, taken the key out, put it back in, foot down and the engine just chugs and doesn't start. This caused my no end of embarrassment, when I was pulling out of my drive and the neighbour not only saw me stall, but then on about 6 attempts my car (12 reg!!!) wouldn't start again.


I had this problem during the first month of owning from new and called the dealership, where I was told it was something to do with the immobiliser?


Anyone else has this?

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