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2012 Yaris Tr - Fully Galvanised?

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I have recently bought a 2012 Yaris TR, and have since washed it and noticed a couple of chips on the bonnet and a very small one on one door. 

Is the yaris fully galvanised, as in all metal painted areas... Doors, bonnet, boot etc?


If it is galvanised and a chip goes through to the coated area, what colour should it be compared to if it chipped through the protection to the non galvanised metal?


They arent big chips but its nice to know how paranoid to be with stone chips after my last car was non galvanised ;)


Thanks in advance


PS: Loving the yaris

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got a few chips on mine and it has gone to the white that is behind the red on the metal parts where it has chipped. On the front plastic bonnet it is black plastic. So far it doesnt look like it has rusted , so it should be all good. 


the only parts that i can see rust on is the usual brake areas which is normal. 

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