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One Sided Air Conditioning

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I've got a 2007 Yaris TR 5 door hatchback.  When we bought it the air con wasn't working at all.  Had it re-gassed which got it working.  However, it is very one-sided.  The heater side of things is fine, that isn't one sided and hot air blows out of all the vents.  The fan also works all vents so that isn't one-sided.  However, with the air con things aren't quite right.  I checked it today when the ambient temp was 20c.  No air con on and all vents were blowing out air at 20c.  Turn air con on and the following happened.  


passenger side vent - 18c

passenger central vent - 15c

driver central vent - 9c

driver side vent 10c


What I don't know is the pipe arrangement under the dash.  The fact that the fan works across all vents and the heater works across all vents must say something, but how is the air con unit set up?  How can it be so one-sided and what might be causing it?  The central vents must be "plumbed" separately even though they are right next to each other.  


Any ideas gratefully appreciated.  

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I saw this same issue on a friend's MK2 Yaris and after taking the dash apart, thinking that there was something amiss with the ducts, it simply turned out that the system had leaked enough Freon where the system still worked, but not well.

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