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Brian Fantana

Rear Brake Pad Fallen Out

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After my wife moved our car off the drive this morning so she could get the other car out, I noticed what looks like a brake pad lying on the floor. A quick test of front brakes and all is fine (they're relatively new). Quick check of the handbrake and it definitely feels like only one sid is gripping.


Is this a common occurence for rear pads? My handbrake has been pretty loose recently and it is booked in to get fixed next week, but it looks like this might speed it up.


Will it be most likely pad replacement or something more sinnister?



Car is an 04 reg Yaris T-Spirit. Rear pads are the originals.

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thats what i thought! so you have found a brake pad or a brake shoe?


although if it is a shoe how the fuck has it gotten out of the drum?!



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