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'99 Yaris, Gear Stick 'Popped Out' (Semi-Automatic)

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Hey guys, just joined the forum and was wondering if you could advise me!


Been driving my Yaris for 18 months now and barring a few niggles i've had no issues at all. It's a 'free-tronic' semi-automatic gearbox, and when i'm idle and slip it into neutral it doesn't easily go back into any gear at all (sometimes not at all) which can be annoying, so i tend to sit in 1st at traffic lights etc.


Anyway, The other day i started it up and it wouldn't go in gear, so i kept trying it into any gear and eventually the stick itself 'popped' up an out. It wouldn't go into any gear at all and I feared the worst. Eventually i lifted up the plastic surrounding it and saw that the other end of the stick and indeed jumped out of its socket, so after a lot of fiddling i got it back in and it was fine.


Since then it's come out twice more - this isnt due to rough gear changing either, which was odd.


Today I took it to a mechanic who found a metal pin of sorts that had come off of it. He re-attached it and since then its stayed in.


Just wondering if that should be the last I have of this problem? Is it a known fault? Has anyone else experienced this?



Thanks for reading,



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