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Cleaned The Bay......

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Well I decided on Monday as I was half way between service intervals I would do an 'extended' inspection and whilst doing the basics that get done at least a couple of times a month like checking the fluids I would go over everything and give the bay a good clean at the same time.


The main thing I wanted to have a look at was my air filter as it has been very dusty lately, especially at work so I dreaded to think what that looked like apart from the 'dirty' side of the air box being a bit grim it wasn’t too bad but.......


Not good enough for me, no sir! So yesterday straight after work I set about dismantling the air box and giving it a major clean up.


Obviously first thing was to carefully remove it. This is simple enough but little clips holding the wiring to the MAF were a bastard to get out


Once out I gave the air filter a pat and removed any seeds and insects, then put it safely to one side in a zipper bag


I then removed the MAF and put that safely out of the way with the filter


I laid the various parts of the air box and all the fixings out and left them to soak in 'Jaffa Clean' (A cleaner/degreaser). I also did the main plastic engine cover at the same time


Then hand dried them with large micro fibre towels (Boring hell on the fiddly parts)


I then coated everything in WD40 and left to sit for a while as this would displace any moisture left in the little baffled areas etc and leave it looking shiny a f*ck


In between these steps I had blocked of the hose the throttle body and doused the bay in WD40 before using a micro fibre to give everything a wipe over and I even lubed the linkages as well whilst the air box was out of the way.


I carefully re biult the air box and replaced the engine cover and stood back to admire my work. I know the car is only 5 years old and covered less than 30K but I must say it came up like new :good:

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Cheers guys, it pretty basic stuff really on the Yaris but you just need to be careful not to knock anything and be patient as its quite tight to work on


Cleaning the air box wouldn’t change anything as it wasn't bad before, I just did it for peice of mind although obviously having a spotless air box won’t hurt MPG


However gear changes are smoother after I lubed the linkage (Amazing what a little lube can do!)


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