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Ok To Go With 10W40 Oil In My Diesel Yaris?

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Would I be ok to fill my 2002 Yaris D-4D(Diesel) with 10W40 oil as opposed to the usual 10W30?
If it helps the car has about 93,000 miles on the clock and we're approaching an Italian winter that could, at the extreme, be knocking on -5°C.

Reason I ask, is that I can get a deal on a load of the stuff and I can also do my Fiat at the same time.





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Well 10W30 will probably be better for colder condition but I would of thought 10W40 would be just fine too pal. I imagine your car wont be getting through that much oil, you could always use it in the summer if worried. Might as well go for the deal if its a good one!

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