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Airflow Sensor Help!

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Hi Guys (and girls),


I'm a newbie to this site. I have a Yaris 1.0 Terra 2002 and I recently had a bit of trouble with it. It felt a bit sluggish for a few days and a Malfunction Indicator Light came up on the dash. Brought it to my mechanic who hooked it up to a reader and said that the Airflow Sensor needs replacing. I tried to get a used part in Dublin but no joy. Does anyone know if it's best to try to get one online (or is this unwise) or if Toyota even do these parts (for older models)? I've asked for a quote from Toyota but nothing back yet.


Incidentally over the last couple of days the sluggishness in the engine (only taking off and changing gears) has gone and since the reading of the malfuction indicator light, the light has gone out.


I'd also like any advise on whether I'm foolish to drive the car while this is all going on.


Any advice would be very much appreciated as I love my car.


Thanks a million.



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