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More updates.....
I finally got some Centre caps for my mk1's, about time 😝


Nct time (mot), had to put the cat back in


A mate of mine picked up a 5dr Vitz Rs for parts for nothing.... I took the whole interior from it, I have the front of the car kitted out.... Just waiting to fit the rear electric windows and the rear door cards....



Then this happened 😁


She's getting old 😔


And I treated her to some new winter wheels, because why not...


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I would love some 4 door vitz goodness! Just little thinks like that are awesome! The wheels look smart man!

Thanks man 👍 it would of been cheaper to buy a proper Vitz instead of building one 😂 Just a few more add on bits and we'll be nearly there

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First things first, shout out to aidan and all his work to get the forum back up and running...

Its nice to be back after such a long time..


Over the past year lots has happened and now i have to write it all out to keep it upto date :P 

I've bought a new car, 1997 Glanza V, 153k km's, with factory lsd gearbox ;)  it's pretty standard which is what i wanted but it's also quite rough and missing some parts.


But I'm sure i dont need to spell it out for people, I'm fitting the running gear into my yaris to build a yarza V (yarlet)....


I also got this Passenger airbag cubby delete because as we all know the mk1 yaris is terrible when it comes to cabin storage :P Thanks to Edd H. 



You can never have too many JDM parts :D 


Some people might know, that i had a pretty rocky start to 2017, long story short, i got stop by the guards (police) and had my car taken off me for about 10 days :/  on the account of dangerous mods, so they had sent it away to the cop shop to get it tested.. and lucky days it came back with a clean bill of health and to quote the officer 'All modifications have been carried out to a high standard' #Winning :D  i got her back and all was well, but things were never the same after as i super paranoid about it since, so in feburary 2017 i bought a new daily


I picked up this gorgeous 2005 tsport, 67k miles, some service history, 40mm pi springs, yokohama ad08r tyres and clean as a whistle <3 

33157338392_c495e04862_c.jpgDSC_1276 by Christopher Gibson, on Flickr

The twins :D <3 


A week or so later i began the 4e conversion, It's been a long road so far and it's no where near done but i'm not in a rush :P 







 i feel i've gotten to a stage, where in the past while were i've made good ground on it. A more up to date list of jobs done is that  I've all engine mounts made, only 1 needs adjustments on a later date, driveshafts fitted, throttle cable test fitted, gear linkage done and the intercooler piping has been kinda sorted.

Since i've just been gathering bits and pieces for the build such as guages, fuel pump, catch cans etc etc

For people wonder why the 4e is in the pink shell, is because at the time the tsport wasn't registered in ireland and i couldnt afford to take the blue car off the road. But its also an ideal base to do the conversion as i can do whatever chopping and changing to see what works and what doesnt. then all just need to be swapped into the correct car once it's ready

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