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Back In A D4D

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I am back in a mk2 Yaris D4D in SR flavour this time.

After my issues with my 2010 6 speed DPF model last time I have opted for a late pre-facelift.


Couple of questions:


1. How can I gain more reliable and usable power without having drastic effect on fuel consumption.

2. Does the SR have stiffened suspension as it seems less rolly than the TR I had last time or is this just the SR placebo effect?

3. Can the 6 speed box from the later D4D be easily retrofitted and are their any tangible benefits? (i know the gearchange is not as nice and it is more prone to issues)


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1) not much you can do to the d4d unless u want to go all out

2) SR has different springs I'm sure.

3) Not sure about the 6 speed tbh - although would be nice for motorway driving 

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