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Intermittent Central Locking Issue

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Hi Everyone,


Hopefully I can get some advice on a slightly weird issue with my central locking.


Have a 2010 Yaris with the normal central locking and key fob, recently there has been an issue that lasts a few days and goes away and has come back again.


When I unlock the car, I hear the drivers door do the unlock/lock sound (the clicking) and then the whole car does the unlocking process with the indicators flashing as normal. When I put the key in ignition and turn key for power, the drivers door makes the lock/unlock clicking sound then the car starts as normal. The car also does the extra lock/unlock without indicators before locking as normal.


It seems very strange, took it Toyota but the car behaved itself that day and they didn't detect it. I have never been locked in or out of the car yet but worried something like that may happen.


Any ideas?



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