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Air Conditioning Doesnt Work Anymore. Please Advise.

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My '06 mk2, 1.3 Yaris's Air conditioning doesn't work anymore (for last 6 months). I know it used to work about a year ago.

People told me the gas (regfrigerant?) must have run out. So i took it to ATS to refil it. When i went back to pick it up the man said that the car wasn't cooling down and i must have a leak. but afterwards he also said he has had a look and thinks its not a leak, but must be some other problem. 


So then a mechanic that a friend knows said it must be the compressor. He hasnt even check the car but seems confident that the problem is the compressor.


A brand new compressor costs hundreds of pounds form toyota. I think a compressor from a scrap yard costs about 100£, but then how can i be sure that the same problem doesnt exist in the scrapyard compressor, since that is probably also an old compressor?


I dont know what to do now. I would like my car fixed, because I dont like the idea it being "broken". On the other hand I cant afford the prices toyota will want to do the work. I dont trust the mechanic that my friend knows because he didn't even check the car.


If i decide to fix the probblem, I am worried that I wIll pay for it and the mechnic wont fix it properly and then I will just be forced to keep paying more if it doesnt start working properly afterwards.


Alternatively, I could just not fix the AC.


Preferably I would like the AC working, my back gets sweary when its hot in the car :(


I would be willing to pay upto about 250£ to fix the AC, IF it is fixed properly.


i dont know what to do.

Can somone please advise.

This is my first car and I'm not used to car repairs.



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Just a quick pointer, on the condenser (the radiator for the air con ) check the bottom connector looking inside the engine bay to see if there's any oil deposits around it, this is a very common place for them to leak, the connector corrodes and the o ring leaks 😁

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