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Oil Consumption

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Apologies if this comes up a lot.  We have a 1.0L VVTi 2007.  Uses a lot of oil - when I say a lot, I see my daughter every month or two (she lives in Hull and we are in Bolton) and invariably have to top the oil up from bottom marker back up to top.  She commutes locally into Hull City Centre so not much mileage involved.  There are no external oil leaks (in fact it is very clean/dry underneath).  


I have read lots of stuff on the web but I thought I would ask if anyone here has had the same experience.  In the mean time I am going to get a mechanic to inspect/clean/change the PCV valve as that is one thing which is mentioned quite frequently.  The other thing which is mentioned is possible faults with pistons/rings, but I have no idea if this is a real problem and if it applies to this engine.  Any feedback would be good, just trying to find my way at the moment (and hoping it's not going to turn into a serious problem and render the car an economic write off).



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