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Can Anyone Please Help With An Mmt Gearbox Problem?

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  Hi guys hoping someone can offer advice on a problem with my grandad's yaris. Its a 58 plate d4d fitted with an mmt gearbox. The clutch started slipping on it. A new 3 piece clutch kit has been fitted but the car won't drive.


I followed the blueprint bulletin for synchronising the clutch in this link:




All went fine until the section on mmt system learning. Upon starting the engine the N light on the dash would flash at a steady rate. No gears could be selected. I have tried the process many times with no luck. I read about people manually moving the clutch actuator on the gearbox. I tried it but still no luck. I had another go at synchronising today but for some reason the N light on the dash has now disappeared. Can anyone offer any advice on what to do?

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