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Urgent Help.. Major Stalling Issues

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i work in finland reside in the uk.

last august i bought a toyota yaris T2 , 2009 model ,i went for it mostly because of the exceptionally low millage, (31,000) catch was, it was a CAT-D

paid 3,500 for it, knew it had a few issues which was happy to iron out.

upon taking it to toyota in solihull birmingham, for a a full service a week after buying it, they presented me a catalogue off issues. the largest being .

needed to get a new condenser as air con did not work.. £500.. old condenser had been crushed??


next the radiator fitted was not a toyota one, had dodgy split hoses leading to ,it again not toyota . rad was well over 500 also.

brake pads iffy, had toyota fix them.

new set of tyres and wheels as old ones were terribly scuffed.


everything appeared to be ok, toyota claimed to have taken it on 2 15 mile drives, as my other concern according to the mrs was the yaris kept stalling every so often when slowing down and especially coming to a halt..


i figured it was just her stalling it, and coming to a halt would be the eco start stop thing..

apparently that model does not have stop start..


anyway.. i asked her to give it a few weeks and just see.. that was august .


in october i got an independent mobile mechanic with good reviews online..

offered him a handsome sum to just drive it for an hour and give me his impressions.

he never got that far, he diagnosed it with his machine, timing chain/belt.. 500.. that was the instant fault code that came up.

he was curious how having paid toyota for full diagnostics check they could have missed it??

he explained to me over the phone, timing would almost certainly be the main culprit for all this stalling..

few days later got it back, seemed ok.. but then the stalling started again.

so the stalling has got much worse over the past few months.


she just rand me to say it is totally bad now, stalls dozens of times a day, always when coming to a halt or driving very slow.


before i go back to this guy, any advice? im reading mass air flow sensor and throttle body could be culprit.

so its clear with the initial report and work done by toyota its history from CAT D would have been head on collision ... the dealer says it had a new bumper but has obviously embellished the truth a little  based on what ive paid out to get it fixed.

is there anything that could make the car stall and not show up on the fault finding machine? blocked fuel pipe? im out of ideas


i would be very grateful if somebody can give me some ideas before i call this guy.


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I know from my experience with my other car (a Subaru Outback) that a dirt MAF can result in irregular idling.  They're usually very easy to take out (after having disconnected the battery first) and clean with MAF sensor cleaner.  Don't use Carb Cleaner as it's too harsh and may cause more damage.  After the MAF has dried out, replace it.  Before reconnecting the battery, you can ensure all the energy is drained the ECU by putting your foot on the break pedal, causing any capacitors to drain in their attempt to light the rear lights.  Turn off all the accessories such as heater, stereo, lights etc and reconnect the battery.  Once you're sure all is in place under the bonnet, turn the key to the ignition on and wait for all the dashboard lights to settle down before starting.  The ECU then goes about it's business working out how to idle nicely again.  You should be able to leave that ticking over for 10-15 mins before thinking of going on your first test run.  It will take some miles before the ECU has sorted it's behaviour out again, but after a couple of days, you'll probably get a good idea as to whether cleaning the MAF and resetting the ECU alone makes any improvement at all.  If you're lucky, it will do and that's that.


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