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Throttle Body (22030 23010) - 4 Pipes

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This is my first posting here and I'm at the beginner end of the mechanical spectrum.  I've been getting some P0121 codes in the last few weeks and suspect I need to swap the existing throttle body with a replacement one (probably from a breaker's yard).  It seems easy enough to get to after having taken the air filter box off to check it out and check all the electrical connections were sound etc.


I see there are 4 pipes going into the unit, of which I assume a pair carrying coolant in and out.  Can anyone tell me if that's correct, and more importantly what the other two do?  Am sure this is a really basic question for many.


Am looking to see how easy it is for me to take the whole thing off and replace with another, in a safe manner.


Thanks in advance for any replies!


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