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Mk1 Bonnet Stuck - How To Open Without Cable

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I suspect that the bonnet release cable has become detached at the latch end (no cable tension when I pull the lever and after detaching the cable barrel from the lever and pulling with mole grips, the cable pulls out a couple of inches of before going 'solid').


So my immediate problem is: How to open the bonnet without using the cable. 


There are several old posts relating to this topic - but none that I can find with the definitive answer!

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OK. Problem now solved - and it's surprisingly quick and easy when you know how (or at least is on my Jap 2000 GS).

I shan't post the definitive answer here as I know that some members are sensitive to eroding their car security - but feel free to PM me.


The cause of the problem was indeed cable detachment at the latch end. The cable sleeve was not positively attached to the latch bracket as the conical rubber tip of the cable sleeve had broken off. No need to replace the cable - simply tape the cable sleeve to the bracket. So I would recommend checking yours before you find yourself unable to open your bonnet.



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