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Orkney Yaris

Yaris Vvti 2008 Cold Start Nightmare

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Hi All
I figured it was about time I got registered on here...
I have been trying to sort out a friends Yaris 2008 vvti
Started by fitting a new CAT as old one was in bits! and on cold start would idle erratically.. assumed the CAT would sort this but didn't.
Changed spark plugs (rather coked up) and also changed no 2 coil which improved it slightly!
I have now been pulling my hair out with this damn car! No codes have come up!
It has good compression, fuel, good battery.... and below are all the things I have since done
Changed plugs - changed no. 2 coil
Had every sensor off and cleaned - replace throttle P sensor
Replaced front Lambda sensor 
Removed and cleaned Idle Air Control Valve
Checked every hose for leaks etc..
Cleaned crank case sensor / pipes
MAF sensor was very clean / cleaned anyway
The problem is initial cold start.... it starts if you don't touch the throttle..then it gradually decreases revs until stalling point!
I have noticed that once the blue temp light goes out the engine will then cope with being revved up and bar a slight hesitation it sounds perfect & once warm is 100% perfect and goes like a rocket and all behave normally until it's left to cool down and again as soon as the blue temp light goes out it will be fine!
Am I missing something here? is there a cold start fueling device?
It's driving me mad that it runs perfect within about 20 seconds as it warms but up until that point idles erratically to the point of almost stalling out...
Help! I cannot let this Yaris beat me! I have spent hours on the internet & to be honest can see 100's of similar problems :-/ 
I hope someone can throw some light on this......
Thanks in advance :-)

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