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Aussie Echo Sportivo / Vitz Rs / Yaris T Sport

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HI All,
Long time owner and Lurker!
Here is my  2001 Echo Sportivo my Wife (GF back then) bought for 16k (AUD) in 2001. Pretty much an ex demontrator. Its been a great, faultless car for the past 15 years and my wife wont sell it lol.
Its currently got 130k kms on it. There are battle scars from the train station, but Im not going to worry about those!
2001 Sportivo Echo
1NZ-FE (1.5)
Fully spec from Factory (Dual Airbags and ABS which were the options back then)
Its basically a Vitz RS, but miss out on rear Disc Brakes
Originally picture back in 2002 (With my old 1JZ IS200 in the background!)
Did a track day back in 2010...it just occurred to me, that the Potenzas RE001 i bought lasted 6 years! Added those and Enkei Wheels and Fujitsubo Wagolis axel back in 2010
Ive tried plenty of other wheels in that time from stock we have (I run an import business here in Australia), but the enkei fitment is spot on. One day id love to fit some fat 14" watanabes and flares'
Pic from that day 
Added Tein S-STech Springs after that track day
Quite liked the Enkei Barrels
SSRs no good lol
16" SSR looked good!
Fitted a Cusco strut brar
Work Equip 01 (Door damaged from Station!)
Fast Forward to 2016.
The Potenzas were getting old, so now they have been upgraded to Hankook RS-3
Stock Shocks were starting to get really stiff, and knocking, one rear was leaking, so naturally time for an upgrade.
Ohlins PCV
Found a 2NZ-FE (1.3 Vitz motor) with a Blitz Supercharger on it in Japan...
2 days later, Supercharger is bolted on mine!
Mechanic needs to wire it all up now, and put it on the Dyno. I may need an ECU, like E-Manage. The blitz kit comes with a little air/fuel ratio controller, but the one that came with this was for a 2NZ-FE Auto (Even tho the engine was attached to a manual gearbox) and wont work with mine. 
Ive got this genuine lip here too, i will fit
Jimze Vitz RS

Genune Vitz RS Dash, wonder if I can get it working. Muchc ooler than the Digital!

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Welcome, car looks great. Shame about the dents and things but its inevitable if its being used a commuter - I have the same problem with mine as it spends up to 10 hours a day on a train station car park :(

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk

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Great choice of wheels there! Cars coming along nicely

Thanks mate


Welcome, car looks great. Shame about the dents and things but its inevitable if its being used a commuter - I have the same problem with mine as it spends up to 10 hours a day on a train station car park :(

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk

Thanks! Yeah, If I find a door, ill replace it. 


Finally the mechanic figured out how to use the 2NZFE Blitz Controller box with my 1NZFE. So I can run with the Supercharger on or Off. 


Dyno result (Stock it made 46.6fwkw). Note, this is just the Blitz SC added, everything else is stock. I have a 5Zigen 4-2-1 header im thinking of fitting, aswell as doing an exhaust system. 



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I  think its slower than stock, check this. I think I need an ECU as im still running the Blitz black box, which was off a 2nzfe...

Its in and out, not smooth....bought an Emanage Ultimate, just need to get the loom. 
Re-did the headlights
At least it looks cool
Might need to hit it with some autosol?
Mechanic says the wheels/tyres are spot on! Its 1km out (So 60km = 59km)
Next to go are the ugly Yellow/black plates! The Fujitsubo is awesome too.

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Ive ordered the harness for the E-Manage aswell as the 02 Sensor Adapter Greddy reccomends. Lets hope this sorts it out!
Tried to fit a JDM cluster today and its a no go
Top i sthe Original Digital..the plugs are diferent
Pulled these bad boys out of storage!
Another score, is a genuine TRD Oil Cap thats been sitting in our storage for God knows how long lol...I think its my business partners...but shh
Also, the original owner gave me 2 new filters, so thought id change it lol..Dont think i have ever changed it!


Well, this garage has got hidden gems everywhere!
I bought these about 7 years ago. Genuine Toyota visors..i know why i never got to fit them..the glue I couldnt get off! I just had another go..what a bastard..so thats for another day..although, im not sure how the clips fit on..
Also, found a Defi Gauge holder, and some more gauges, sensors etc (All HKS). This is the best place for the gauges..its the same height as the speedo cluster..only negative, is that its in clear site from the outside. Im not sure I want to drill any holes in the dash, so I gotta figure out where im going to run the cabling.

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Na, cant find any

Shame. Looks very interesting.


You got some build there! Lots of tasty bits. The silver Enkei's look a lot like Marty from MCM's wheels on the MX-5.

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Funny you say that, because that is the wheels I sold to Marty haha. 

Thats so cool!


Definitely gonna keep my eye on this build. Mine is going in this sort of direction :)

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Fit my 5 Zigen Extractors, wanted to do the whole exhaust, but no time..but I did fit a 2 1/4" High flow cat too!
The 5 Zigen Header nex to my Supra PHR Manifold
Old Manifold
Old restrictive Cat
New Cat
Haks (My exhaust guy) working his magic
After installing the coilovers the alignment is all over the place...naturally

Finally got her tuned, numbers are not that great, but it still is a lot of fun!

I got the Celica Injectors, and the Corolla Throttle body, but the mechanic/tuner says Injectors wern't reuired and that the throttle body wont fit..



Seems very laggy, till about 3.5k rpm...apparently its due to VVTi, and the E-Manage not controlling that


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Sucks that photobucket #didthisshittome

Here are some updated pics/info

Some new Cusco Camber tops for the Ohlins

30007608275_6998dc8833_b.jpgCamber Tops (1 of 1) by Shane, on Flickr

New Shipment means new toys!! These might be a little aggresive lol.
15 x 8.5 -3
15 x 8.5 -25
29985756026_3ac66d7a98_b.jpgWheels (4 of 23) by Shane, on Flickr

JDM Center Console
30019888425_16c28642be_b.jpgdash (2 of 6) by Shane, on Flickr

Also, got a wheel alignment done, and took the bar off to get the lip sprayed! Just going to do a home job for now. 
29393075173_39cca5a362_b.jpgdash (6 of 6) by Shane, on Flickr

Entered Toyota Fest car show...came away with "Street Sleeper" trophy! Totally Un-expected!!
29950368682_d3f8d2e554_b.jpg14556672_10154596768875799_2812145866886130204_o by Shane, on Flickr
29436938923_6bfeee1157_b.jpg14556631_10154596768900799_6027965764783544577_o by Shane, on Flickr
29950369022_5de63e5eff_b.jpg14525190_10154596768910799_2052720301361786098_o by [url=https://www.flickr.c

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Some parts came in. Oil Sandwich plate so I can hook up the Oil Temp Gauge
31367352445_89c2be3f0a_b.jpg20161202_163519 by Shane, on Flickr

Hyper Sports short Shifter Kit..didnt like it tho, so back to OEM
30563363703_0ddbbe8491_b.jpg20161202_221258 by Shane, on Flickr

While the wheels were off to fit new rotors I test fit some wheels...what 15 x 8.5 +3 and -25 look like lol
31255869912_86808ab59a_b.jpg20161203_183814 by Shane, on Flickr

and the TRD T3
31363731246_a83017681b_b.jpg20161203_154451 by Shane, on Flickr

RDA Slotted/Dimple rotors and QFM AR1M pads, stopping difference is unreal!
33236020825_7fde3022e5_b.jpg20170304_082810 by Shane, on Flickr

Original setup
33194243026_24520d183d_b.jpg20170304_083212 by Shane, on Flickr
32391712424_3bb21b7d6d_b.jpg20170304_083439 by Shane, on Flickr

33079316482_33e1c1783c_b.jpg20170304_093209 by Shane, on Flickr

Edited by Gorilla

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RARE Jimze CF Meter panel. Was too scared to use a holesaw, so I used a dremel and cut it by hand, turned out ok!
32735121680_d805298458_b.jpg20170225_113914 by Shane, on Flickr
TRD Defi gauges....These are just sitting here, not adjusted, so looks a bit wonky, but once all nipped up it sits nice.
32272531874_f49ff4420d_b.jpg20170225_114731 by Shane, on Flickr

Installed the Exedy HD Clutch also (No pics :(), grabs nice nice, but still very streetable. 

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Velo Race Seat fitted from my Supra with a Juran seat rail from Japan
33262009035_b7b0470bbf_b.jpgVelo-0671 by Shane, on Flickr
32447391843_4188ef9fe0_b.jpgVelo-0669 by Shane, on Flickr

Wakefield Park (Racetrack) was good fun, think its the slowest ive been around Wakefield, but reeled off a 1.16.8 towards the end of the day. 

FWD, is a little tricky, got caught off guard on turn 3, with lift off oversteer that killed my confidence. In the end, the car was super reliable ass expected and a hoot to drive!!
32468176103_3878eef958_b.jpg20170306_152630-01 by Shane, on Flickr
33241799456_49aa4bb0c2_b.jpg20170306_131252(1)-01 by Shane, on Flickr
32468163423_761c11c20c_b.jpg20170306_114046-01 by Shane, on Flickr
Filled up at Shell in near home, drove 2.5 hours to Wakefield, did 38 laps...this pic is driving out of Wakefield...so cheap to run. Supra would need two tanks and two jerry cans!
33241798246_51cc403528_b.jpg20170306_152716-01 by Shane, on Flickr
One downer was the brakes. Rotors copped a hiding. Literally 2 days old this setup :(
33283016395_4198bf6dc7_b.jpgIMG_20170306_193953_600-01 by Shane, on Flickr

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Ended up buying a rear cradle from Japan to do disc brake comversion, any tips on this?
35116565426_1deea65a76_z.jpgRearcradle by Shane, on Flickr
35025734991_8d709e78e8_z.jpgrearcradle2 by Shane, on Flickr

Well hit Wakefield again and didn't better any times, but It was expected as the track was very cold and i went easy on the brakes...which didnt make a difference...killed the rotors again and the pads were gone......
On the way home, dropped into a friends work place, where i got home to order new rotors and pads (DBA Street rotors and Bendix pads)
35152559666_20ccc683b2_b.jpg20170609_160119-01 by Shane, on Flickr
Other than the brakes it went good.
35028118082_98d11da41a_b.jpgWakefield-0993 by Shane, on Flickr
Went with a couple of mates, knife to a gun fight lol
34348361214_8c0ec72cde_b.jpg20170609_103543-01 by Shane, on Flickr
Had some fun with some MX5's

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This gearboot had to go!
35317632206_489a07aacd_b.jpgGearBoot-1011 by Shane, on Flickr
35357228865_42d7bc9683_b.jpgGearBoot-1009 by Shane, on Flickr
Much better, and i also fitted the JDM Arm rest :D
34514205704_7761727cca_b.jpgGearBoot-1015 by Shane, on Flickr

Porsche 996 Brembos 


Test fitted the brakes and the enkei touch :(
38179099611_b3415fcd07_b.jpg20171104_201237 by Shane, on Flickr
37468532184_1562f2f3ec_b.jpg20171104_201816 by Shane, on Flickr

Test fitted some 15 x 9 +32 Work Equip
37468527974_84885264bf_b.jpg20171104_203411 by Shane, on Flickr
37468515744_efbf904376_b.jpg20171104_203423 by Shane, on Flickr

And some 17" TRD 17 x 7 +45
26402498309_f2b41bcc9e_b.jpg20171104_203857 by Shane, on Flickr
24326645318_91d2afbc33_b.jpg20171104_203859 by Shane, on Flickr

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Trial fitted a friends TE37V, 15 x 8 +25, way too aggresive, but heaps of brake clearance, so ill try and find a set to my specs. 
38486289672_d3a6ceeb29_b.jpg2017-11-19_10-51-37 by Shane, on Flickr

Cusco Under brace fitted!
24645544178_5cd373cf53_b.jpg20171119_152740-01 by Shane, on Flickr

This is whats going to make it so much better around the track!

Managed to track down a used Cusco LSD from Ireland, lets hope its good..looks good but im not a pro. 

Apparently the Aussie model Echo uses a 6 bolt diff, where the Japanese Vitz uses an 8 bolt, same as AW, AE111, EP82 etc. 

38024647855_a24360a59d_b.jpgDiff-3 by Shane, on Flickr
24046273087_5703bbf03a_b.jpgDiff-2 by Shane, on Flickr
38024648435_a659f48337.jpgDiff- by Shane, on Flickr

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Also, SOLD the Enkei Wheels due to big brakes, running with the 17" TRD atm, nice and light wheel but 17's are just too big. 

39214256745_979cb88dc6_k.jpgTRD Wheels-2121 by Shane, on Flickr

found some genuine Vitz LED tail lights, so chucked them! /ricerboy

40181940492_b4baa6354b_b.jpgLED Tails-2127 by Shane, on Flickr

26341999338_b6dd793dc5_b.jpgLED Tails-2133 by Shane, on Flickr

New rims which clear the brakes..15 x 8 +32 BuddyClubs with 225/45/15 Hankook RS3!
26043268057_f6bcce7c4c_b.jpgBuddyCLub-2239 by Shane, on Flickr
Clears the Brembos!
40022325475_d662041f5b_b.jpgBuddyCLub-2256 by Shane, on Flickr
Will have to get them sprayed, not sure about the blue and Wife hates it
40022320125_947864d8f3_b.jpgBuddyCLub-2266 by Shane, on Flickr

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