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Yaris Cruise Control

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I’ve recently purchased a 2013 Yaris TR ( I think it’s a TR ) for work.
My first Toyota after a bundle of Honda.
It’s already had a Toyota upgrade of the sat nav fitted by previous owner as well as front fog lights the dealer informed me.
Anyway the only thing I’d like to fit to the car is cruise control, looking at other models this is operated on the indicator stalk so my question is has anybody retro fitted this themselves?
I’ve done it before on a Vauxhall, just purchased the upgraded stalk with cruise options, fitted the stalk then took the car to Vauxhall specialist to activate ( tech 2 I think they called it but obviously not on the Toyota ) the function.
Does anyone have any details to whether this is possible on a Toyota and who to contact.
Any help greatly appreciated.

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