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Cruise Control Yaris 1.0

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Hi, my wife bought a new yaris (collected today) and as the spec was saying the cruise control on 1.0 petrol engine wasnt an option but there is a cruise control switch installed in the steering wheel - its a stick shift switch at the right bottom of the steering wheel...I was expecting a button on the end of the "stick" but theres nothing..althou it seems like the whole "stick" can be pushed...I was expecting when i press is an indicator on the dashboard would illuminate. Does anyone have any experience with it , could it be that its just not connected...why would they assemble a car with the switch in it...I know that in mk2 you could just add it yourself just by installing that stalk...but im totally confused here. Anyone have any experience with it ? 

The car has been bought in Ireland and its in SOL spec which is considered the highest spec in Ireland. 

Thanks a million for any input. 

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