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Exhaust Manifold Corroding

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Hi all!


First post on here. I have a Yaris 1.3 petrol vvti 2004 model. I have had a service which has highlighted the exhaust manifold is corroding. The mechanic said this could go in a month to 2 years, it's just a waiting game. 


He went on to say only Toyota do the part, I am waiting on a quote from them. My questions are

a) Has anyone had to have their manifold replaced, how much was this?

b) Could I buy the part and take it to a garage, instead of going to a Toyota centre?


First car so I am not clued up at all!


Thanks in advance.

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Hi there mate! Just replaced my manifold.


I'm guessing you have the 2sz fe engine. (Google it if your not sure also it's one the engine or gearbox somewhere. I've forgotten) If so then then manifold is partnered with the cat so it isn't cheep to replace.

I just found a second hand one on ebay and changed it out my self. Not a big job but it can be fiddly.

Just make sure you get the right one as there is a difference between the way the pipes connect.

Just make sure it has something about the year in it (03-05).


Do not buy the ones at eurocarparts as they are a mess! It's bits of pipes that are welded to a box! 


As for getting it through toyota you should be able to buy it off toyota and take it somewhere else.


You will need gaskets as well!


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