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Lil Red Yaris Back On The Road Again

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Unfortunately my gf recently lost her job where she had a company car, which means she also lost her means of travel. I decided to give her my mk1 yaris which has been changed hands within the family for years now, because it is too reliable of a car to sell on. It has been sat for a months and still runs great considering, just a few touches that could make it great again. Gf has mentioned the following


Toyota Yaris Mk1 2000 1.0 petrol CDX


  1. Squeaky alternator belt - read up on this, and it seems that it may need changing due to age. Yaris has 120k on the clock, and don't know when this was last changed. Initially I thought a bit of WD40 would do the fix, but no luck. Then after some research, adjusted the tensioner slightly (but not too much because I was scared to damage anything lol). It didn't really help much, but could I safely adjust this more to see if it stops the squeaking?
  2. Heavy steering - not sure what this could be. Power steering fluid seems to be ok. Tyres are at correct pressure. Any ideas? Definitely feels heavier than it used to be.
  3. Poor mpg - I was shocked to hear this, as I remember petrol lasting forever. I checked and cleaned the air filter and spark plugs. Checked the wheels weren't rubbing on the brakes. Can't think what else this might be. The exhaust sounds like it is blowing slightly from somewhere, but I haven't inspected properly. Could this somehow cause bad mpg?


thanks in advance guys.

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I would just replace the belt unless it's a bearing that has went. If you go on youtube there is videos on there to diagnose it.

If you put some talcum powder on the belt it is mean to stop it for a bit but still best to change it. I hope you didn't put the WD on the belt as that would make it slip more.


As for power steering I've not had any no experience with power steering so I'm no help there. Maybe need changed.


And for MPG how do you drive? If you look at the computer you can make it so it shows you how much fuel you are using at a time. Try driving with that on and keep it above 40 MPG if possible

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