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Buying A 1.0: Any Known Issues With This Engine?

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Are there any known problems to watch out for with the 1.0 3-cylinder engine?

I have seen mention of water pump failures after only 3 yrs.


I am going to look at a 2006/60k Yaris 1.0, so maybe the owner has been through the water pump problem.

I will specifically ask about this, and to look at any related service history for the car.

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Not owned one but I have a mate that has many 3 cylinder cuore.


He's never had any bother with them and they are easier to work on due to them taking up less room!


Just keep it serviced and it will keep you happy. Just like you would with a 4 cylinder.


Some of them many should like it is running on 3 cylinder (Only way I could think of describing it xD) and other ones that are looked after well will sound smoother.


Hope this helps.

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