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Alex's 2003 Ph2 5dr Yaris T-Sport

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Thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Alex, and I've recently purchased a 2003 (53) Yaris T-Sport, after wanting one for a couple of years now. A decent mileage, 2 owner car popper up for sale a couple of miles away from me and I leaped for it. Having previously owned a Mk2 MX5, I was a little worried about the step down in power, but it isn't really massively noticeable and the Yaris certainly isn't much slower or less fun to drive at all, I'm sure a couple of handling mods and a nice exhaust will transform the car.

First thing I did when I got it home, was a full detail inside and out to make it feel like my car, which also meant I could get to know it a little better. Overall, the condition was very good, especially for the age and there were only a couple of small parking dings, which I was rather happy with. I also got some Team Heko wind deflectors, which made a difference to wind noise and also look pretty cool if you ask me! I also changed the plates to import sized 13x7's, which I felt suited the car more than the long UK plates.

I sourced a couple of parts already, a used Blitz Nur Spec (which I need because my back box and mid pipe are shot) and some Enkei Racing Peaks wheels  (15x6.5j et32) which I'm currently refurbishing when I have the odd hour here and there, and should fill the arches nicely. With Christmas coming up and me being a student, I'll have to wait until January to get my exhaust fitted and new tyres for the Enkei's, but I suppose it gives me something to look forward to! Next year, I'd be looking at lowering the car, upgrading the bracing and a few interior mods, as well as a full service, which would be due around then.






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