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5dr TS - ultimate daily driver + track goer [photos and spec list]

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Yo, been meaning to do this since the forum was fixed!

Most already know my car but the back story is I had a 1.3 which was also a daily and occasional track car but it was a bit of a shed. After the forum went down, I got my 5dr TS, and then about 2 years later the 1.3 got rear ended (RIP), there are other posts on here about it by the previous owner so you can see the history.

When I got it, I did all the fluids and filters, wheel bearings, driveshaft seals and a few other bits that bugged me, (cheapo radio fascia was fitted, so removed that and put the radio back in using the OEM radio surround), Tein springs weren't practical enough for London roads and detracted from the idea of ultimate daily driver so they had to go too.

The aim of this car is to be the best daily driver possible, so it should be fairly inconspicuous but still fun to drive long distances as I do a lot of miles on the motorway as well as in the city. Another part of the aim is to be able to go on long road trips with friends/family so any mods that reduce practicality aren't allowed. In addition to that, my commute is pretty long, and I like being on the outside lane of the motorway creeping up on big German cars so my car is no show queen but its clean with no body damage, I try to keep it as standard looking as possible really, which is why I refurbed the standard alloys.

Anyway, here's a very detailed spec sheet:


  • Koni shocks
  • OMP front/rear strut bars
  • Energysuspension anti roll bar Poly bushings
  • Whiteline rear anti roll bar


  • Uniroyal RS3 tyres (rear) - replace front w/ same soon
  • T-sport alloys refurbished in alloy wheel silver
  • MTEC grooved discs 
  • EBC Yellowstuff pads (red painted calipers) 
  • Comma DOT5.1 brake/clutch fluid
  • Tegiwa engine damper


  • HKS Hi-power rear exhaust 
  • Centre silencer delete 
  • WeaponR intake manifold 
  • Blitz air filter


  • LED interior light/gauges/heater controls 
  • LED strip in glove box
  • Corolla wiper switch 
  • Pioneer DEH-4500BT head unit with A-pillar mic
  • Pioneer TS-A1733i door speakers
  • Edge dash speakers (need to replace these too really)
  • Kenwood under seat bass box 
  • Silentcoat noise dampening in doors, boot lid etc.
  • Closed cell foam in door panels
  • G1W dashcams front/rear hardwired and wire tucked


  • Bonnet gas strut
  • Hella Supertone twin horns (wired with fused relay so OEM horn also works alongside them)
  • LED parking lights
  • Osram Nightbreaker headlights
  • Smoked indicators
  • Stubby antenna 
  • Denso hybrid wipers with RainX'd exterior glass
  • Starlet rear wiper
  • Rear windows limo tints
  • Genuine Toyota lockable roof rack (they don't stay on the car when not in use, got a massive roof box for weekends away / camping etc.)
  • Debadged rear with Liqwidart TS emblem 
  • Black front Toyota badge
  • Hand finished front TS grille badge (i painted it lol) 
  • FK1000P paint sealant (paint corrected with Meguairs Ultimate compound and polish) 





  • Shell Pro Helix 5w30 engine oil with Bosch filter (every 6k ish)
  • Comma SX75W-90 GL-4 gearbox oil (every year)
  • Cabin filter (every year)
  • Blitz air filter (every 2 years)
  • Denso Iridium spark plugs (every 2 years)
  • Tripleqx pink OAT coolant (every 5 years? only done it once lol)
  • Tripleqx -15C screenwash with RainX additive 


Future mods:

  1. LSD (really want to get a gearbox that already has an LSD fitted)
  2. more polyurethane, ideally SuperPro ones for the wishbones and maybe engine mounts but not decided
  3. more LED strips in the interior, probably for the footwells 

Thanks for reading, will update now and then. Here's loads of pics:


obligatory snow foam shot







WeaponR manifold (the hoses were replaced after this photo was taken)


on 14s during wheel refurb(took me a few months to do them)




wheel refurb, had a lot of filling and sanding


some questionable wheels 


not crazy detailing stuff, but just enough to keep me busy and the paint protected 




Whiteline ARB and HKS shot


buggered tyres after track day


buggered brakes after track day 


en-route to Japfest with my old green car (RIP)


at Japfest 


got the biggest roof rack I could find


ready for travel


fully loaded on standard springs - this is why I took the Teins off


wheel bearing job


sometimes gotta go genuine







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