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Just a quick intro. Apologies if it's in the wrong forum.

My name is Lewis. I've recently become the proud owner of a scratched up, black, French built 2003 Yaris 1.3L (2SZ-FE) after train - walk commuting for yonks.

I love the car. I love the fact it's small and nippy yet I'm not wearing it (6'3") very happy.

I'm using it as a test bed to learn some basic mechanics. I've started on giving it a full service and got as far as oil/filter change, cabin and engine air filter. Main frustration so far has been finding the correct parts for it. Websites seem to be constantly steering me wrong. I'm assuming because my car must be in a phase where you have french/Japanese and 2NZ/2SZ engines knocking about. Any general advice on that would be gratefully received.

I want to do more than service the car and have plans to turning it into a bit of a 'man racer' so any recommendations for that malarkey also gratefully read (I have spent a fortnight trying to find a short throw shift kit that I was confident will fit the car.. Still lost).

Anyway,thanks for having me!

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