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Wheel bearing replace/ 4-5 lug conversion

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Hi all,

First, so's you know where I'm coming from, I have no training or direct experience of mechanics. I have been watching YouTube how to vids obsessively for a month and I'm normally a quick (obsessive) study.

I think I have a wheel bearing on the way out though I may be being paranoid. I have a jack and stands set on it's way so I can give them a shake.

As I've got a big journey end of next week (Derby,Exeter,Barnstaple then reverse) I want it sorted if there's an issue. I was also already playing with the idea of changing out the 4 lug/bolt hubs for 5 versions.

Doing this conversion would seem a neat way of replacing all relevant bearings whilst also giving me access to all the 5 bolt alloys.

Does all of the above sound reasonable?

Any thoughts on where I could get 5 bolt hubs that fit the Yaris?


Apologies if I've massacred any of the terminology. I'm probably speaking half Haynes, half ChrisFix,and half BS.

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