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Zachary Gill

Zac's PH2 T Sport

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Hello Guys, Not much excitement on my build but thought i would comment and show whats been done,

Been a member for a few years and seen quite a lot of nice cars come and go, I bought this T sport in Feb2016 with approx 97K on the clock, Since then most of my spare money has gone into this,


This was the first day i bought her, fully stock except from the yellow fog lights,


From there i installed a Front brace and a K&N Typhoon induction kit, with a D1 Spec rad cap and some blue hose covers(Removed) Along with some other bits and bobs,IMG_0743_resized.thumb.JPG.84847e5387bc3beb77c3db9263b91242.JPG

and of course Starlet wiper mod....


I noticed my induction kit wasnt doing much behind the fog light, So i remove it and put a direct feed to this, and changed the color of the other fog blue,IMG_0852_resized.thumb.JPG.0e14761bca8947d065a11db48de883b6.JPG

Soon after i got myself some fabulous eye lids, Which change the look of the car completely, Also got the bottom part of the bumper sprayed thunder grey,


Cheeky picture around Rockingham


I did decide one day to try and remove the bottom part of the rear bumper (Like EK9 civics) just to see what it looks like. Yeah dont waste your time guys, Looks shit


After this I installed a MK2 spoiler but first attempt did not go well guys, Make sure you do not put too much pressure on the glass,


Once this was finally fitted i got it sprayed in Matt black and fitting team dynamic alloys, They do really need a referb. Badly but dont look bad,


After this was sorted next was stability/handling, I managed to get a harness bar from another yaris i broke for parts, It works better than the OMP rear brace which just sit on the brushes, I got a 4point undebrace and also got Poly bushes for the front, Cleaned up the wish bones and make it run and handle so much better,


Harness was removed due to unbranded and no Tag, only ran them for a week or so to test to see if i liked using them on a daily.

I managed to get my hands on a carbon fiber engine cover and a front panel (covers the radiator)



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Managed to get a Genuine TRD rear lip, Think it changes the whole end of the car, Also de wipered and badged the rear, 


Finally The drive shaft went on the drivers side, I did have a spare in the garage but once i fitted the new one it was leaking gearbox oil from the seals, So i had to leave her a week, Once My man from MR T (Luke) got me the new seals she was back to 100%. Ish... she is still low idling and stalling on me, I changed the VVTI Sensor and did nothing, 


Now she is currently sat on BC BR coilovers, Runing standard shocks on the back due to a leaky shocker...But she is sitting just nice for me,


Loads more work to do,

I have fitted MTEC Drilled and Groved front discs and EBC drilled and groved rears with MTEC pads on the back and on the Front,

This weekend i removed Roof liner (Was horrible color) pillar plastic on the front, Fitted a fire extinguisher in the passenger foot well, Just in case,

Also got a Apexi Water gauge removed a vent in the front for this to fit,

Would like to get some rear bushes, Also a TRD front lip would be nice if i can find one, She is going Decat as i only have the mid silencer removed ATM, 

Harness next with some nice bucket seats, 



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