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bought yaris 1.3 vvti spirit

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Hello fellow yaris owners i bought my yaris 1.3vvti spirit 3 door today after nissan micra written off. I am very please with the car. It has 70,000 miles but is very tidy and seems well looked after. One thing which is bugging me tho and that is the speedo seems to be reading inaccurate. When im doing about 30mph its reading 42 and when im doing about 5mph it reads 15or 20. I did 60 on a dual carriageway and it was reading 103. Is there an easy remedy to this maybe some sort of calibration setting or will it need  more serious attention.

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Ive google the mph and kmh difference and it looks close to your reading outage. Looks like you have nocked the button bear digital speedo

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